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So glad this is back up

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  • So glad this is back up

    it was hard for the couple days. It all is working fine and I'm looking forward to the new features. I'm glad i use Firefox. Thanks Stephen and Company.

    Stephen: I know it takes a little time to adjust but if we don't move up to new "platforms" occasionally we lose out in the long run on fun things coming. We haven't changed platforms for 3 years. Once we are sure all is stablilized our first priority is to get our key bloggers going here, but you can still stay up to date with them at At one time we only had to consider IE or Netscape browsers, and now we have 6+ browsers and various versions of each, it's becoming more of a nightmare in some respects for sites that use "forms" and a message board is a MASS of forms essentially. Thanks.
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    Oh, me too. I was dying a slow and painful death. lol I'm so glad we're up and running. It's nice to be snowed in with

    I do have a new blog to post but I guess I'll wait.


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      Seems to be working out the bugs quickly. I can now post. And I was lost without the gang!
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        I'm glad also! Wet noze was whining LOL J/k Ellen ;-) Love ya LOL
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          I am also glad the board is back online,, I was having withdrawls,,,, AND I MISSED YA'LL,,,,,LOL


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            gasp, sputter (slowly reaching one hand, then the next to pull myself up to the keyboard) wheeze.

            It was (huff puff) a close call. (wheeze) I almost didn't make it, but I held on.
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              me too

              I am always in a real forum mood when hubby is in camp. I've given up pretending I am not addicted to pg forum. It was a close call! 2 days,what if I had needed urgent advice! I didn't but I like the security of knowing my friends are here for support,advice,a good debate, a kind word after a bad day,etc!
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