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  • Hot water heater help

    Hi guys..

    What size hot water heaters do you use in your shop? Do you use gas or electric? We just did a remodel on my shop, and in the process my hot water heater went. We used to have a 40 gal gas, but the room that the HWH was is was sooo tight my plumber wasn't able to get the old one out to put in the new one, so, we switched to a 50 gal electric. We get through 6-9 dogs and we lose hot water. Is this something that happens with electric ones?? I'm in such a bind here, booked solid thill the middle of March... and this is the worst thing that could happen!

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    I don't do that many dogs now, but in my old shop, which also had a self wash (2 rooms), I had 2 50 gal tanks. My groomer friend in Canada has a tankless on demand unit that takes up hardly any space. She's been very happy with it. My units were electric BTW.
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      if you have the funds to do so you can also purchase hot water on demand tank the water only heats when you need it to


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        I'd like to know more about the tankless heaters. Is the water hot immediately? I'm sure it saves $$, could you run hot all day continuously? I'm so in-the-dark sometimes:-)


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          I WISH I had the funds for the tankless, but right after doing the remodel, I am FLAT BROKE We are finding that if we do our big dogs in the early morning, we can get through the day OK, but it really sinks having to worry about it. I have someone coming to look at in tomorrow, hopefully they can figure out what I should do


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            O.K. I gotta take the bait -- WHY would you want to HEAT hot water? (As in ... a Hot water heater) A friend always insists that it is a Water Heater not a Hot Water heater. LOL

            I wonder if there isn't a problem with the unit itself. I have a 40 gallon gas heater and we never run out of Hot water. I also set the thermostat just barely above the vacation setting which saves sooo much on my gas bill.

            The tankless heaters have some pro's and con's. The cheaper units are reported to draw all heated water to the appliance with the highest demand. This is a problem in a home setting if you try to shower with the dishwasher running as the dishwasher will direct all the heated water AWAY from your shower. Probably NOT a problem in grooming. The more reputable brands (Renai .. sp?) are said to not have that problem.

            One advantage to installing tankless now is that the government offers big tax incentives as they are very energy efficient. Not sure about business use incentives.


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              I agree on-demand is the way to go. The water is heated as you need it. It is only cold until the water that was in the pipe between the heater and the faucet has run through. After that, the heat is endless. This will happen every time you turn the water on. As soon as you turn the faucet off, the unit stops heating. I'm looking into getting one. They are wall mounted, so they don't take up any floor space. Can you rent-to-own?

              I believe the problem you're having with your current water heater is that it is electric. Gas heaters are much quicker to heat than electric.
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