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Using Snap-on Combs?

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  • Using Snap-on Combs?

    I have not used snap-on combs. I am still a newbie. Where can I learn this technique? I sure could have used it yesterday. I scissored the legs on a Maltese for a puppy cut. The owner was happy, but I felt I could have done a better job (maybe with the snap-ons). Any suggestions?

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    Use the Wahl Stainless Steel snap on combs! They leave a nicer finish and can be used basically like any blade.
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      Practice makes perfect. Snap on combs work very similar to just using blades. You can go with or reverse. I do find my best results to be short strokes over the coat.


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        Snap-ons for legs

        I've found that I end up mostly scissoring the legs on straight-haired dogs anyway since the snap-ons leave the legs too choppy looking. But you'll really love using snap-ons to get the bulk of the hair off before using the scissors to neaten up. Just don't go against the grain or you will take off too much coat.


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          Not on short legs, lol

          If that was a correct sized Maltese pup, you can't use the combs on the legs because you won't have room!

          Besides, pups are often more tolerant of scissoring than of using clippers.

          Try combs first on a larger, quiet dog (like a calm Shih Tzu or Min Poo). I use the Wahl Stainless or Dubl Duck. What I love about the Dubl Duck (which are also Miller Forge, same company, I guess) is that they have a #1-1/2, but Wahl doesn't. If you wan't to start cheap, get the Dubl Duck - a #2, #1-1/2, and a #1. Throw in a #3 if you want to, because if you shave a dog with a #4 blade, then bath and fluff, you can often finish with a #3 and it looks MUCH fuzzier and less bald.

          I like to use a #40 blade under the Dubl Ducks, but you have to use a #30 (or #15 or #10) under the Wahl SS combs.

          Have fun!