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UGHH!! Cat Pee!! HELP!!

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  • UGHH!! Cat Pee!! HELP!!

    Hey Guys,
    I need ya'lls help. My cat has caused a very stinky, pricey problem due to my forgetfullness.
    To make a long story short the yesterday day I went into my spare bedroom to get some clothes out of the closet when I noticed a very bad cat pee smell. There was one of my dresses on the floor of the closet, I admit I knew it fell off its hanger and just didnt pick it up (all my fault!) And my dress is soaked in cat pee. Normally I would just toss something that smelled this bad, but its a medieval re-enactment dress, that I completely hand sewed and has almost 10 yards of fabric to it. Not something I just want to trash.

    I washed it in hot water with plain detergent, added some vineger to the wash water, added Febreeze to the wash water and it still has a faint pee smell.
    Any ideas as how I can remove this nasty smell? Cause no knight in shining armour is going to want to be near me in this stinky rag!


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    Try soaking it in Oxy Clean. That has worked for me in the past
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      my friend swears by letting something with cat pee sit in the sun,i dont know if this works but thought i would pass it on


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        I don't know if these products are color safe, but what about the sprays like "Urine Off" and/or Nature's Miracle? I've used Urine Off on my sofa & it did not ruin anything, but totally got rid of the odor.


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          Nature's Miracle

          Try putting some Nature's Miracle or Simple Solution (the PetSomethings all sell it) in the wash load on gentle cycle and let it sit in it for at least 15 minutes. I'm lucky because when my cats go some place other than the litter box, it's usually the bathtub. That's their way of telling me to change the litter.


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            What about dry cleaning it? Maybe they have some special odor reducer or something.

            Let me talk to my sister---she is the queen of clean literally. She can get almost every stain or smell out of clothes, carpet, upholstry.


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              How about baking soda? Maybe sprinkle it all over and let it sit for a few days.
              SheilaB from SC


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                One of the best things to remove urine odor from washable materials is cloudy ammonia. And it's cheap, too. Follow the lable directions on the bottle, and bye bye urine odor.

                It's also great for removing sweaty armpit stains and smells, too.


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                  Nature's miracle gets my vote! My angry cat peed on some of my towels, and that's what got the smell out.