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Something i learned about returned checks

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  • Something i learned about returned checks

    I had a lady who wrote a bad check and i couldn't get money from her for 2 months. She kept ignoring me. When it happened, the bank sent me a copy of her check and that's all i thought it was, a copy. I ended up going to the bank and asking advice and they said that copy they sent me was actually a "legal"check that i can take to her bank and find out if she has the money in her acct. and if she does, i can cash it. Yes, the copy. I had no idea. I don't know if all banks are nice enough to send you a copy, but just thought i'd share that. It will make things alot easier next time i get a bad check!

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    Live and learn...hard not to be cynical

    Luckily the District Attorney goes after the bounced checks in our county. So far we've only had 3 or 4 and we've received our money. That's the good thing.

    Many lessons learned when owning a business: If some one doesn't pay a large bill ($1000 boarding), and you take them to court for non-payment, all they have to state is they are destitute (with no proof to the court) and they don't have to pay. Another lesson learned, we were begged to board a dog until the owner got out of the hospital. We did, with many, many assurances we would be paid by the entity she is member of. Now it's going on 3 money. We contacted our lawyer and he said we should have gotten the money up front because this entity never pays their small bills (about $200) and there is nothing we can do about it. Another tax deduction I guess....

    On the positive side, these both have been learning experiences. Now we don't take any long term boarding from out of state people without up-front payment. And we won't board any more animals from the entity. (I'm trying to be politically correct here, contact me off list if you want to know more.)


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      Look up Check 21

      No one gets the original checks back anymore. Google 'Check 21" to find out why. It's a federal law that every check that goes through the banking system is digitized and the image stored...forever.

      Once digitized, the original check is destroyed. The digitized copy is for all intents and purposes as negotiable as the original check. The bank is not being "nice", the bank is following the law.

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        I can't stand this, I understand that accidents can and do happen but PAY the dern check... you owe it!

        Over the last few years I have learned that even many groomers write bad checks and NEVER pay them as well. In fact about a year ago a groomer was taken to court for a $700 bad check. Working in the trade shows I hate hearing "don't take a check from "so & so" they never clear and they never pay"- I think that is so disheartening.


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          I've had one bad check since I started by biz. What a PITA! I hate asking for money even if it's owed to me. I had to knock on this lady's door three times. One time I saw her the house hiding from me. That's nuts! And so aggravating. Finally I went on a SUNDAY. The husband answered the door and he paid me.

          I'm glad you got paid. Hard working people getting stiffed is soooo wrong.


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            I stopped taking checks years ago...
            I hade a great customer that could not manage her
            checking account well. So many phone calls and promises
            to be payed, she was a really nice person, but if I wanted
            to be a detective I would have go to detective school.


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              I had a few bad checks but everyone made good on them BUT one. She claimed she just picked up this matted stinky dog from the shelter and adopted it and wanted it groom before she took it home...sure I would help. Her checked bounced & bounced..

              I tried everything I could think of, I went to the bank every week to see is she had money in the bank...nope..I did go to her house 4-5 times she moved. I finally gave up and went to the credit office and turned her in and I was one of many on her records that she has done things to. If she goes to buy a car or something, maybe someone will see what a bad person she is to stiff others.


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                Originally posted by Plexi View Post
                I finally gave up and went to the credit office and turned her in and I was one of many on her records that she has done things to. If she goes to buy a car or something, maybe someone will see what a bad person she is to stiff others.
                Yup, same thing we did, except that we contacted the sheriff's department for the information on how to deal with the unpaid $1000 prior to getting an arrest warrant out. Heck, we were small potatoes compared to what she owed others. The clerk in the sheriffs department told me we should do criminal background checks on all of our customers....

                Give me a break!!!