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my life and shop suck right now

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  • my life and shop suck right now

    hi guys
    i just need to rant hope you all dont mind,well my shop will be open 1 year in may,and it sucks,i cant afford to advertise,i sit there all week with nothing to do,sat.are crazy i can only do so many dogs,everyone that comes in a repeats,they love the shop they love how there pet looks and acts when they leave,so i dont know whats going on im very frustrated,but thats the least of my worries,ive been having severe astham attacks,and when one comes on i have to close the shop as im the only one there,well i practically live at the docs office,nothing they give me seems to work very long,and they put me on dreaded steroids,and they are talking about putting me on disability,which at this point i think im fine with,because im out of breath so easily,so today i had to take off work to go get an allergy test done i guess where they prick you,so i walk in there,shes going over what shes going to do,and she listens to my lungs,and says in wheezing bad asks me if im having a hard time breathing i say yes,but at this point nothing works im just living with it,she automatically says she cant do her test for me to go staright to my drs so i do,well i end up getting transported to the er,in an ambulance,at least the paramedics were hot,i was there from 3 pm,got home at 11:45,they gave me so many meds,that just made me feel weird,and shaky,i told them i havent slept in 3 nights because when i lie down,i have a very hard time breathing,and i cant sleep again tonite,and i have 6 dogs tommorrow,i dont know how im going to get thru tommorrow,i dont even know if i can i feel very yucky right now,i just feel like crawling into a dark cave and never coming out,sorry this is so long

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    So Sorry

    It sounds like you are really experiencing some grooming related allergies. Has anyone suggested allergy tests? Constantly inhaling dog hair and some of the products we use is really hard on the lungs. I would definately wear a mask when you groom.

    The thing about allergies (and I'm a lifelong allergy sufferer) is that you can very suddenly develop them after not having any symptoms. Also, I think that stress makes them worse, so the stress you are experiencing may be making it worse.


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      first off im so sorry to hear about the problems your having! poor you!! congrats on your 1 yr anniversry btw! now onto the subject...
      there are two solutions to your problem...A) contact a Grooming friend who might be ableto help you out for the time being or B) contact your clients who have already scheduled and Let them know that you will be closing the shop due to medical reasons...and leave this on your VM as well...there has to be a reason why your having problems now...i wouldnt push it as your body is telling you you probably NEED to take a break right now....if they are good customers im sure they would understand...this way your not worrying about the stress's of having to groom these dogs, WITH no sleep to begin with...AND not being able to breathe on top of it.
      Good luck with whatever you choose to do.


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        thank yopu for your replies
        i was scheduled for an allergy test yesterday,but because of the tightness in my chest,and wheezing they couldnt do it,i do have a mask,but doesnt seem to work that well,im a life long asthma sufferer,but lately so bad,my primary doc just called,they are admitting me to the hospital,im just waiting for hubby to get home,she does think er over medicated me,my lips and hands are numb,and im still shaky and naseaus,plus im sleep deprived,i wish i could bring my computer with me,makes the hours go by faster reading this site
        thanks again


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          I'm sorry! I wish I had some advice for you, but I'm not very experienced with asthma. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

          For your shop, maybe you can offer either small discounts or freebies for customers who book during the week instead of Saturday.


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            I am so sorry things aren't going right for you right now. I am a groomer with asthma as well. My doctor told me I am allergic to dog dander, cat dander, smoke, dust, pollen. I used to be on Steroid medication, Now I am just on Flonase for allergies I rarely need my inhaler.But when I would go to dog shows my asthma and allergies get bad. Because people are using powder, hairspray, they brush through dried pee on the second day. So all this stuff is in the air. I get miserable. I used to take pills for asthma and my worst time for my asthma was at night, so thats when I took my meds I got used to the effects and learned to sleep on them. Years went on and my new doctor wondered how in the world I slept on that medication. I said well I can breathe so I guess thats how. I hope they find a medication that works for you. Advair is also a great medication, it takes about 2 weeks to get the full effect but it really helped. Try to get a groomer to hire and they can help you out until you feel better.


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              Oh gosh Trish---take care of yourself. I know thats an understatement but you need it right now.

              If I lived in your area, I would come right to your shop and take over immediately. Unfortunately I am on the east coast.

              Please let us know how you are doing and things will start to look up soon for you I am sure.


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                Dear Trish, so sorry for your troubles (big hugs), wish I was near enough to help you get the grooming done. I don't have any medical advice, but maybe you being in the hospital will help them find the solution. In the meantime, you have to remember that it takes time for most businesses to build, you've only been open for a year. All your satisfied customers will tell others about you and one day you'll have to turn dogs away. Sometimes a business will take off right out of the gate....because you just happened to open in a market that desperately needed you...or even for other reasons. Keep treating the dogs and their people right and they will keep coming. Mostly businesses take time to develop, mine did.

                Right now is not the time to worry about your business. You need to let the hospital help you get well. When you're ready and strong enough to get back to work, they'll be coming back to you. Best wishes.


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                  The biggest mistake new business's make is not having an advertising budget. See if you can work out a payment schedule with the local pennysaver type paper. Put in a $5 off coupon for Tues-Fri grooms, you;ll be amazed how much business you'll pick up. Advertising is a must if you want to keep your shop open. Sorry about your health problems, perhaps the dogs coats are carrying pollen on them.


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                    Oh Trish, so sorry.

                    I too, have asthma. The best mask is shocking pink with filters on the side. It looks sci-fi. I would think about getting the sharper image air purifier that has no noise...ionic. For the shop and carry it home to your bedroom at night. I get scared when my lungs are full from a resp. i nfection from a cold. I was told I had emphasema, the genetic kind or from my parents' smoking. I rarely have problems unless I get a cold. I would also consider getting tile or any flooring without carpet for you home.Due to price, I have never purchased the sharper image, but if I had serious life-threatening problems, I would charge one asap. Also, go to a medical supply store and buy a wedge pillow to prop your torso up on. Being elevated will help. Or get your husband to raise up the head of your bed. Good luck. All the other suggestions combined, and you will get thru this. You may have to hire groomers and just be the boss. I also know the inhalers make your hand shakey. Advair is very expensive without insurance and may not be included in your plan. It is a good medication, even for drug sensitive me. I only had free samples tho. No Insurance....knock on wood. I make it without so far.Filter? Medical supply store maybe.


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                      I have asthma. When it is really bothering me I wear a surgical mask to groom. It's hot but it really helps.

                      There are worse things than a round of steroids. They can really work wonders to get you out of a cycle of wheazing. Sometimes I take Prednisone for a month and then I'm good for a long time. When I get to that point when it's like an elephant is sleeping on your chest, steroids are the answer. You just have to break the cycle and get through the worst seasons.

                      My experience is that you have to find the right doctor who will meet your needs as far as how you want/need to live your life and what treatments will best allow you to do that.

                      Don't give up hope. Asthma is extremely manageable these days. Keep looking until you find a physician who will work with you and LISTEN to your needs. If the first thing he says is, "get rid of your dog" need to look for someone else!!!!

                      You can do this! I speak from experience!


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                        I have asthma, I wear a mask but I also asked for a Nebulizer. I keep it in my car and use it when necessary.

                        If, I read your story right, you are slow during the week and crazy on Saturdays... is that correct? Have you thought about offering a small discount for clients who rebook during the week? Raise all of your prices a few dollars (since your 1 year is approaching). Those who come in during the week don't get the price increase... just a thought.


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                          I'm sorry for all you medical problems right now, I know I just heard on the news that this year is starting out to be one of the worst years on record for allergy suffers, and pets are having problems too. Hopefully your doctors can get it figured out for you. When you are up and feeling better, as far as your Saturdays go, maybe cut it back to only two Saturdays a month. I have found that if people want their dogs groomed they will find a way to get there during the week. Hope all works out for you.