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  • I'm fretting

    Most of you know I'm a bit anal retentive, and that could be what is causing my worry. Last night I did a husky, my favorite girl who always gives me a kiss and a story when I come in the door. So I groomed her last night and I just felt like I wasn't trimming her hind quarters well. It just wasn't coming out how I wanted it to and I didn't want to whittle it down to nothing. I had taken some meds before I went to work but they seemed to wear off earlier than I expected and the pain started to come on(I have an infected tooth), so I feel like I rushed through the end of the groom. I didn't go over her for a second or third time like I usually do (OK, due to slight OCD I do things in 3's usually). Now I'm worrying that I missed something, that the owner is going to notice and think I got sloppy. I have a feeling that it's because I didn't do the 3 time check. I tend to get very nervous when I don't double check things 3 times, I know that sounds crazy. I'm tempted to call the owner and explain that I felt I rushed through because I was in some pain, or should I just wait to see if she calls me? But I worry she might be one of those that doesn't call beforehand. I think it might seem weird if I called just to see if she was happy when I've groomed them many times and haven't done that before.
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    Mylady, you are a talented and through groomer. Don't be worried about this dog. If Mom is unhappy for some reason, she will call you. You have an excellent eye, and that can drive us crazy sometimes I know. You probably don't need to check your work 3 times, but if it makes you feel comfortable than go for it. If it starts to effect your ability to function or do your work properly though, you may want to seek help.

    I'm sure you did a beautiful job and the owner is as impressed as always. Drink some tea or a Mike's Thingy and relax girl!
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      Many clients do not

      see the details that we do. I suggest let it go. Next time when you see them ask them if they liked the trim. They'll likely say it was fine. Then you could mention you had a toothache can that you weren't sure you were as thorough as usual.

      I've said before on here that I've groomed a dog and it moved etc. and oops too short above the ear on a topknot, a baldish spot on the neck. I tell the owner that I made a slight goof and will see if they notice where. Then off I go. No one's found it.
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        Oh girl you gotta relax! I bet it was fine. Anyone who cares about perfection as much as you would turn out a good huskie! I have this problem with my work too. I want everything just perfect, and sometimes just a real nice groom that is not perfect is the best any of can do with the time or how we are feeling that day,or how the dog is presented to us,or a toothache,etc,etc, Have a Mike's Thingey,or a pain pill,or something,and snuggle up with your hubby.
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