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  • got bit

    by a cat,that isnt why iam upset,shop owner never once said go to drs.ill pay for it,and this was on thursday never once called to see if my finger is ok,or asked if i had to go to does this sound right to you/i used to be a shop owner and i would have made someone go to drs if they got bit and i would have paid for it too

    Stephen: Most states have laws on this for employees. In most states you don't have to pay as well and the employer is supposed to guide you who to call. Just depends on your state laws. Check it out. Most bites are covered by workers comp and you have rights, but did I say, check your state's laws.

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    I personally would have driven you nuts worrying about it, employer or not it's just common decency to check on your fellow human that you know was injured.
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      Hoope you did go to the DR's. Cat bites can be very serious.

      When I had my shop I did on two occassions have had an employee bitten. I personally took them to the ER, right away. They were covered under workmen's comp.

      Another time an employee hurt her hand in a freak accident, there again I left with her and drove her to the ER. She was also covered by workmen's comp.


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        thank you
        the bite has healed,and im ok but when i went back to work boss wanted me to call 2 new cat people and i already told her the day i got bit,i wasnt taking in any more new cats,but she doesnt care i just need to get out of this place and fast


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          It is sad that the almighty dollar is more important to some people than their fellow human. Much luck finding a human to work for!
          ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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            ive been sending out resumes like crazy,i feel like i dont even want to go to work tommorrow,but i have to find another job before i quit i hate being in this position,it really sucks


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              I can't believe a shop owner would be that careless. You need to go to the Dr those cat bites can get nasty. I don't let anyone else at the shop do the cats. I know how bad a bite can be and don't want to risk anyone else. Also it sounds like this owner doesn't carry any worker comp insurance. A friend of mine worked for a shop with kennel made a salary and was injured by a dog that had it's foot trapped in a kennel grate. ( long story) Owner told her to go to the urgent care and get everything taken care of and just bring her the bill and she'd pay it since she didn't want to turn it in to her insurance. Well just the other day she had to go to the same urgent care and what do you know she still owed them for that visit. If you need to go get her insurance info so you don't get stuck with a bill she owes.

              Take care of yourself and don't just hope the bite gets better.
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