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  • big puppy

    New customer called and wanted her 2mo old puppy to have a tidy as she can't see her eyes. When she came in I was surprized at this "toy" Poodle as it looked like at least 6months old. Nope, born in Dec. I explained that this puppy may get bigger than I can do, only do little doggies.
    OH, no...she seen the parents in the truck and they were real small.....
    Sure, you know the truck at Walmart, she picked it from a box full of puppies.... (sigh)
    Can you say...large Miniature size???????

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    Big Puppy

    Can you say, "Taken" by a BYB ?????????


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      i see the same thing here in flordia too. They have a truck full of crates every weekend, the flea markets around here have been flooded too. It scares me because the cases of parvo and severe cases of worms have tripled. We have even seen distemper a few times. Most of these poor puppies dont get any vaccinations untill or even if the new owners do it themselves. I just saw a article in our local paper about how many of the dogs die and of course theres no health garuntees.


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        We have this selling pupies out of trucks,etc,around here too. Sad. The worst example of this I have seen was an elderly client who went to buy a pup from an ad for Multi-Poo pups,and the bitch she purchased turned out to be about 55 lbs,of health and temperment problems. This poor dog was crazy,and it was not the owners fault,her other dog was normal. She also looked like a x between a NSDTR and corgi.,was a biter,and a heavy shedder. Education must be the answer.
        "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"


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          This dog might even turn out to be a standard. I groom one of those just off the truck Bichons and it has the worst temperament.
          Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.- Richard Carlson


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            What the...

            hell is wrong with people and WHY are they buying these pups???? If people didn't buy them, these idiot worthless people wouln't be selling them. This should be outlawed... Sorry just furious!!!