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Names for Grooming salons

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    I know many here have said many dont use the phone books... but a lot of folks still do, so

    how about ....
    A-dorable pet grooming

    I do agree that those who use the yellow pages do look through many names so maybe it might be considered a good thing to choose whatever name she likes and just put an A before it... both cases covered


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      yellow pages

      My business is relatively new. My husband pushed for the yellow pages. So this past December the pages come out....Well, my website is one address, but my yellowpage ad is another address that links to the main address. So, I can see how many hits come from the yellowpage posted address. Since December: ONE... me! IMO waste of $$$

      Back to the thread, good advertising does pay for itself.And, regarding your daughter, remember a business' main concern is THEIR business. Don't know about your state, but the term "Right to work state" means working at will, or, with the exception of discrimination, easy come, easy go. She should tread softly.