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    Hey guys I just started at a store as a groomer and they've started asking us more about rebooking. In my previous job as mobile I had a consistent 70-80% rebook rate, so I really love getting regular clients on a schedule that is better for their pets and better for my wallet! The big guys upstairs seem all for it, but I talked to a groomer who has been at my store a while and she isn't so keen to the idea. Apparently a while ago they started rebooking a lot of clients, but then they began having a huge issue with no shows. They tried doing confirmation calls 2 weeks in advance, and then 3 days in advance, and then the day before but they didn't have a lot of people call back at all. So some days almost no one would show up, and then when they tried canceling the appointments of people who didn't call back, those clients would show up and insist on getting in.

    One of my managers understands that we have to "re-train" our clients, but the groomer told me there is no penalty for a No Call/No Show. Is there anyway to have this rebook system be a success without any fees for no showing an appointment? I don't know if doing a small "bonus" for showing up to prebooked appointments would work either, since we don't want to give the store away either haha. Thanks in advance!

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    Sadly there has to be a penalty for most people to understand this is a BUSINESS ! A policy needs to be made and enforced, at least half of the groom fee for the second no show. Alot of groomers keep a credit card # on file and run it. They have a disclaimer the client signs acknowleging this .
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