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    Ok, here it goes. My daughter and I used to groom together at a large vet. clinic. I decided to quit there after working for them for 10 years( stupid mistake, too long to explain) anyway, I am now grooming out of our garage. She is still grooming for the clinic. Quite a few of people still want me to groom their dogs and they specifically ask for me so she gives them my phone #. So now she gets into big trouble( possible job termination) for giving them my number and telling them that I am grooming at home. The clinic where she works is very busy and they still get new customers every day.
    So what do you guys think? I dont' see what the big deal is since they are so busy anyway.
    And the people only want me. I have been grooming their dogs forever and they only want me. There aren't a lot of them and like I said they keep gettin new customers everyday and are very busy all day long.
    Some words of wisdom and advise would be great, especially for my daughter who does not want to loose her job.
    What should she tell these people that are asking for me?
    She is very upset about this and I as her mother am feeling confused and worried for her. she needs to keep this job.She gets good medical benefits. She is a great groomer.We were a great team.

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    Is your name int he phone book? Your full name? Then she shoudl not be giving out your number that is a problem but they can LOOK you up in the directory. Enough said and she can't lose her job for giving them a direct referal as that can be construed as conflict of interest which she CAN lose her job for.


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      Put an ad in the paper with your picture, full name, and where you are now located. The vet clinic is most certainly within their rights to terminate your daughter for giving out your phone number, have her stop doing it immediately!
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        If they need you to groom their dogs they can find you. That is a tough spot for her to be in. But she shouldn't do that. If they ask for you, she can say you no longer work there and she is not allowed to give your number out or she will be fired. If those clients push it, she should inform them that she could lose her job over it.


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          How sad

          so your daughter might be helped if she explained that she just wasn't thinking about how it would look by giving the information, that she was just wanting to provide excellent customer service.

          Then if people request you, she might say something like I'd be happy to groom Fifi but if you really insist you might try looking up - Your/Mom's name in the phone book. Also depending on location you can put an ad with your picture especially in a local little paper stating now grooming in the peaceful home environment, not stating formerly with or such, just your picture, preferably with a dog to attract dog owners attention.

          Best of luck to her.
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            Thank you for all of your advise. I have just started this new adventure grooming at home since November. So my advertising in not in the phone book. I am going to have to put something in the newspaper with my pic. though.