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  • Weird Coincidence

    I have a client with 3 dogs-2 shih tzus and a yorkie. Because it's easier for her to not bring them all at once, the big shih comes in first, and the other 2 the next day. Yesterday it was Izzy's day. On her right front leg, just above her dew claw, was a huge mass of matted hair-like chewing on a hot spot. I removed the matting to find whatever had been there was all healed up and her skin was just slightly pink. Owner said she had been chewing and thought it was her dew claw(not). Today the other 2 dogs come in, and lo and behold, on the yorkie, in exactly the same spot that Izzy had chewed herself, was a tumor-like growth! Kinda makes you wonder.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

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    That is so weird...and it does make ya wonder


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      Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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        Dogs are amazing. I've had dogs pee on my foot when they've come in to be groomed, in front of their owner...lo and behold, blood in the urine. I think they know as groomers we are paying attention to details and we'll let their owner know there is a problem.


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          Could Mom have given them all some sort of a chewie stick? They all held them up against their lower leg while they chewed and that gave them the big matt?

          Pretty weird!



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            that IS weird...