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American Cat Groomer in Moscow

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  • American Cat Groomer in Moscow

    I am in Moscow Russia to speak at Zoo Russia exhibition tomorrow morning. Well, really this morning. I have to "get up" in about 2 hours.

    I am posting blog entries about the experience if anyone is interested in reading. Go to and select the "Blogs & Pics" option at the top right.

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    Well you have me hooked. Will be looking for more.

    Hope all goes well for you.


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      Fascinating! I would love to go to Russia (of course I would love to go anywhere in the world). I hope you have a great time.
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        having a fabulous time despite the major lack of sleep. Try doing a grooming lecture from 3-5am! it all went well and the Russians are most excited about cat grooming. yeah!

        I keep adding to the blog and have put a few photos on there. Will try to upload more tomorrow for sure. I ended up with an added lecture in the morning (in about 6 hours actually), speaking at the vet symposium to vets from around the world. This is quite an honor for me.

        And I will be coming back next year doing an expanded version lecture for both the groomers and the vet symposium. I think what they are doing - having both groomers and vets under the same roof, learning together about the pet industry - is an amazing thing and something we need more of in the US. The two are very complimentary. I believe it would serve us all better to make this a more regular occurrence.


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          Very cool. I will stay tuned. What a great experience and opportunity for you.


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            Really, really, REALLY cool, Danelle. SO cool!
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