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  • Promotion in the works!

    I had to announce it to someone, lol!

    My place of employment is restructuring their management/business and there's a new opportunity for me! Right now, I'm the only groomer and do all grooms with an assistant (just minis and full grooms). The kennel staff does all bath-only clients and over the past several months, the quality of the baths has been steadily declining. The current kennel manager was promoted from receptionist and has no bathing/grooming experience and it's become a disaster.

    Well, today we started discussing the idea of me becoming a grooming manager, of sorts. I would groom like usual, but also oversee the bath appointments and do some quality control, make changes, educate the employees, order supplies, etc. I'm also bringing my assistant to the Atlanta Pet Fair this year because I'm going to start teaching her to groom!

    Anyhow, I'm really excited. I've never managed more than my assistant, so I hope I can improve things! I'll be asking a lot of questions in the next few weeks, for sure!
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    Congratulations. It's very exciting to have a new challenge and learning experience.
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        Congratulations! I am sure you will do a good job and they will be pleased they made this decision. I'm hoping you will be getting a raise to go along with the extra responsibilities.



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          I'm glad your boss had the good sense to realize your potential and promote you into a position where you can use it (and hopefully make more $!) So many bosses just hire help then burn them out, they quit, hire more, rinse, repeat. Glad you are moving up!!


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