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  • Where's my sign???

    Even experienced groomers have a duh moment. I sliced an ear on Sunday doing a dumb thing. On the old schnz I posted in my thread about Lucy and Pierre, I was not getting a smooth finish with a 10 on the ear. So I grabbed a 7F and reversed. Was not holding the ear tightly and he moved suddenly as old dogs will and bam! caught that little flap on the outer edge.
    He got me back by having diarhea on me later.
    Sometimes, I wonder where my brain went when I get an idea like that. I know better. I really do.

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    Bummer! But yes, that's when it happens to me too. If I grab something (ie. diff. blade than normal) then there's a "woops!" I keep reminding myself every time I think of not switching blades or doing something I don't normally do.


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      I think we've all been there at one time or another. Darn it! Don't beat yourself up too bad!


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        I am sorry, I had done something like that too couple years ago. I tried to use 8 1/2 blade with clipper vac on skinny matted poodle. Had to pay for stitches. I just wanted to leave him a bit longer than 10.


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          I had one of those duh moments yesterday. I had a lasa come in and the receptionest took in because it was a matted mess and no brainer that it would be a total shave down. I looked at his card and it told his name and she had wrote male neutered. I bathed him and took the hv to him to try and get a hole to start shaving I got the back and sides off all in one piece. I started for the back end, went down one leg and started on the inside and and he kept crying like I was pulling, I was working on what I thought was a matt. I was talking and trying to be really careful. I kept thinking this matt just isn't coming off after further investigation it wasn't a matt after all. The poor guy wasn't neutered. I felt terrible. I think he thought I was going to get rid of those things right there.


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            I shaved a very very sensitive wheaton terrier's underneath with a 30 blade! And she did irritate horribly, fortunatley for me was a long time client and she forgave me, I offered to pay vet bill because she irritated so bad, client would have none of it. I now color coat all my blades. Taught me a big lesson. WE ARE HUMAN and make mistakes. Upside, we learn from our mistakes.
            Peace, love, grow and move on....
            Meaning, I meant to shave with a #10 blade and not a #30, did not explain very well.
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