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  • Sick dogs?

    Gees, I'm having a bad/slow week. This morning I had my THIRD cancellation this week, all sick dogs! One was throwing up the night before the scheduled appt. The other two were "lethargic". It wasn't busy to begin I had 1 on Monday, 3 on Tuesday, 3 Wednesday, and 3 today, i think 4 tomorrow...and the phone is not ringing...

    To top it off, I foolishy gave a customer 'credit' on Feb 2nd. He said he would pay me on the 12th - it was either that or a cancellation. Well, no payment on the 12th, and when I called he said he completely forgot. But still no payment. Don't worry, I'll be calling him again.

    Another customer, recently divorced, with two dogs was "fired" until he said he would pay for his last missed appointment and start pre-booking the dogs for the first Wed of every second month. He wrote me a cheque for the groom plus the missed appointment, and what do you know - it bounced. However the reason was not insufficient funds, it was "funds frozen". We left a few messages for each other, but the ball is in his court to call me now.

    I never thought I would need a collection agency!
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