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  • Polyp

    This is a bit of an usual topic but I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this. My poodle has a polyp in his bum. No laughing please. This is serious. :-/ A few weeks ago I saw something red there and it would go away and come back. He would scoot around like something was bothering him. I took him to the vet and she squeezed his anal glands but it didn't go away. Thus guy is eight and never had a problem with that. I took him back last week again. He saw an older more experienced vet. My poodle got the rectal exam of his live, poor guy. He was so good for the whole thing. Just stood there not quite believing what was happening. She found a polyp. She said leave it alone if it's not bothering him which it is. My question is from what I know of polyps, can't they turn into cancer? Can a dog have a colonoscopy? I'm thinking I should have it removed but maybe he has more inside. I don't want him to get colon cancer. Am I making any sense? I've been away. I'm going home tomorrow and will call the vet when I get home. Then I have to figure out what to do. Has anyone ever seen this?

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    I wouldn't trust anything a vet says without a biopsy or fine needle aspirate cytology. There's no way they can rule out cancer without one or both. If it were my dog, I would suspect cancer given the age. Now, I'm not saying it is, but it's not smart to just assume it isn't malignant. Which is what a vet is doing on just physical examination. I'm sorry but I'm very critical and suspicious of vets and I know you must be proactive and pressure them for a REAL diagnosis.

    Example: I took my 1.5 year old English Coonhound into the clinic for a fine needle aspriate on a 3mm sized skin growth. The vet assured me it was just a mole. I said "No, I want an aspirate and the sample sent to UT vet school for cytology" She did it and sent it off. A week and half later, the cytology came back- A Mast Cell tumor, my worst fear. I've lost two other Coonhounds to Mast Cell cancer. It's very serious and unpredictable. It's reckless that the vet just assumed it was a mole and it angers me.

    Don't take a chance. Press them for tests that give a definitive answer. Any lumps, bumps or growths, always get a biopsy or cytology. Always.

    And FYI, Mast Cell tumors wax and wane and can be itchy as they release histamines.

    Good Luck and give us an update.
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      I agree with Sally, up to a point. That point being that I'd be finding a vet willing to take the thing off. Then they can send it in for biopsy. You said it's bothering him. What's the point in waiting?


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        Helly, some growths aren't feasible to take off, like on the face, feet and perianal regions. The reason is there isn't normally enough skin to get clean margins. If you can't get wide margins, it's kind of pointless to remove it (you would treat with pred, other chemo, radiation and/or supportive care). If the whole tumor isn't completely removed (like the case of mast cell tumors which typically extend far beyond the visible tumor) they'll be two choices: repeat the surgery or start other treatment. That's why I suggest a cytology or similar less invasive procedure to get a preliminary diagnosis. One thing is clear, push for an answer and know what you're dealing with. If you have the means and it's available, head to your closet teaching vet hospital if your vet is inflexible to your requests.

        I'm curious, where specifically is it located?
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          Sally, if it's a polyp it's on a stalk. It shouldn't be that difficult to remove a rectal polyp. It wasn't all that long ago that we did exactly that on a Yorkie. Most are benign at first, but some will become cancerous over time. The time to remove them is before that happens. I don't think a dog would do so well with a colostomy bag.

          I've only experienced one tumor that we couldn't remove...a mammary tumor that had grown back after extensive surgery to remove it the first time. And, indeed, there wasn't enough skin left to close it if we'd tried. But seeing as the dog hadn't even had it's sutures removed yet, and the tumor had grown to be larger than it was before we removed it, there wasn't much sense in trying.

          We recently removed one of the nastiest mast cell tumors from a dog's arm pit. But it turned out to be a low grade tumor, and the prognosis is fair, which is about as good as you can get with mast cell tumors. Most are aggressive, but some are not.


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            You both are so smart. Thank you. Not meaning to be gross it's actually at the hole. When it goes in you can't see it, when it comes it's red. The vet showed it to me when she did the exam. It's on a stalk like you said. It looked like a tiny cabbage. I will call tomorrow as I just got home. Maybe they can take a few cells with a syringe and see what it is. Most likely I will have it taken off as it does bother him but not all the time. I hope it's nothing serious.


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              My first dog (well, she actually was there two years before I came into existence) had a few of those pop up over her life. Each was removed and sent off for testing and each was nothing much to worry over. The vet did tell my parents that they could turn cancerous if not removed and are uncomfortable for the dog. She lived well into my middle school years, and we put her to sleep when her hips gave out at 16. Gotta love a tough ole coon hound.