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what I got out of the Pasadena show

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  • what I got out of the Pasadena show

    It was definitely worth every penny spent to attend this show.

    The seminars I attended were terrific. The Thinning one was fabulous and I realized I needed a few more thinning shears. Who doesn't need more shears!! Watching Jodi work with the various shears was a work of art. The way she blended in the crown of the cocker was wonderful. She took a 10 blade under the cocker's eye up and over the eyebrow -- skimming. It was perfect.

    I took one on Marketing and learned how to use my emails in a more productive manner. how to use a contact manager to create my newsletters or postcards. That the company will show me how many open my email, are deliverable, are forwarded on to friends because of the coupon you included. And of course to start my Rewards Program.

    The Customer Service workshop taught me to not make my customers feel guilty but speak to them where you are just making suggestions. (PS I think I always made them feel guilty without even thinking about it .. oops) Too many rules accomplish nothing when you need it for only 2% of your customers. Even if a customer is wrong, there is some truth in what they are saying and look for it.

    The Cat Astrophe workshop was taken to see if this is a service I should add. I learned that I shouldn't. Not because it wasn't great but because I was sitting close and ended up having to throw out my contacts due to the hair in my eyes and my allergy attack afterwards. She did a wonderful job shaving this cat in front of a large crowd and keeping the cat in control for the full hour. Poor kitty hung in their like a champ. To never use a 40 blade on a kitty -- groom before you bathe, if you burrito wrap a kitty -- they will probably pee, never use citrus shampoos due to the deadly consequences, the correct names of the correct cuts on kitties, and on and on.

    The one on Organization or Save Time & Money --- had my name written all over it. Just to much to list.

    I purchased my upgrade for my Groomer's Helper and got a show special of extra cords, extra nooses, a new holder for my dryer (which is awesome and I have used it every day). Thanks again and now the other gals want one. HA.

    I was able to smell every shampoo and conditioner to pick my new favorites. Get my blueberry facial at a discount and a free bottle of conditioner. Got my Speed Feed from WAGS at a show special plus got a coupon in one of the seminars for more $$ off. Pick up new Chris Christiansen brushes and get some free products as well. I went to the Southern Cal Pro Groomer Association meeting and learned how to make some cool bows, use artificial flowers for a bow, and won a few prizes during their raffle.

    I saw spectacular grooming during the contests and watched technique and style.

    OK -- I have gone on way too long but seriously ... make sure you get to at least one event this year ... if not several. There is much to learn in our trade and it never stops.