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Special Message from Jodi Murphy to GroomerTALK

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  • Special Message from Jodi Murphy to GroomerTALK

    It was so nice to see members, Gracie Rose, Arrooh, Dirty Hairy, Wet Noze, Desert Groomer and his sweet wife just to name a few as well as FB friends in Pasadena! Ellen and Blake were so nice to bring me Boba to groom in my PWD seminar. Ellen even brought me a variety pack of the wonderful cupcakes that Gracie Rose has been craving! They were to die for. Thank you all for your support of my new grooming apparel line. This is just the beginning of a great thing. I have so many patterns coming to meet the needs of groomers of all shapes and sizes. I am working with a great company in New York City that produces top quality apparel. My debut in Pasadena was fabulous. I presented my first four styles of grooming tops, skort and capris and had a great response. I can’t explain the feeling that I had when I saw competitors in the ring wearing my new line. It was just unbelievable. They will be available in Atlanta and Intergroom. The best is yet to come, I’ll be back in NY this week to finalize more patterns….how exciting! If you have a style that you would like to see in my line just submit me a drawing and I will bring it to my manufacturer for review! Thanks everyone!!

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    How nice

    of a note and what a nice person Jodi is. She's not making clothes to make a bundle but making clothes to fit groomers wishes. Same with the DVD's.
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      I would love to see anyone make grooming clothing with small tops and long inseam sizes for pants.


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        When are they going to be online???? I can't wait, I've heard such great things about them I want to try them NOW.
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          Can you say, MADE IN THE USA, girls?!!!

          The price for GOOD QUALITY grooming apparel made in the USA is hard to find...impossible to find! Jodi, you're the answer, you never do anything half way!

          I always appreciate your dedication to our profession and to each person you come in contact with (namely me, hee hee). Thank you for everything, can't wait to order myself some grooming clothes!

          Tammy in Utah
          Groomers Helper Affiliate


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            ok-I do like the tops.I saw her in a pink one id wear. where do yo uget them


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              I'm with the others and would love to know when they'll be available online for purchase! I'd be happier if they would by chance be available at the PAC. NW show next month
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                According to the original post above, they will be available in Atlanta and Intergroom. I want 'em now, but I wont be there! Guess I'll have to wait!

                Tammy in Utah
                Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                  I love Jodi!! I met her in Pasdena at the Groom Expo! Super, super sweet lady! I loved her cropped pants..I cant wait till they come out! I will def buy her stuff,because she sure does know what all us groomers r really looking for!!!


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                    Love them

                    Love the clothes, just back from Atlanta and bought a top and capri pants, most comfortable grooming pants i've ever worn!


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                      Thats cool!Yea, i so diggin her capri's!!!!)) Im glad she was able to sell this time, at the Pasdena show, she only had promos... I will have to check her website!


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                        I have one of the

                        tops and it's washed very well. I swear it even seems to repel dirt. I am missing pockets a lot and I hope I can get something like that with pockets. It fits in a nice way so that I am not feeling like such a slhump going into a store on my home from grooming.
                        Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                          When I was helping Jodi in the booth I did a little modeling. lol We took some pics so here they are.

                          The tops come in three styles with short sleeves. There is one sleeveless style. All very comfy. There are regular grooming pants and a capri style. She even has some plus styles. Jodi has more in the works. This is just the beginning. Even grooming clothes for men. woohoo! She will also have this new style pant with a pleat on the side. You guys will love it! I was going to snatch it when she wasn't looking.


                          OMGoodness! They came out sideways! Either tip your head or your computer! lol Better work on that!
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                            I tipped my head.....much easier than tipping the computer!
                            They look very nice.
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                              Jodi rocks

                              How did I miss the sleeveless zip-up top?? Have to hit that booth first at Intergroom.

                              It was so nice meeting you, Jodi, your thinning shear and PWD seminars were superb.
                              Now if I could just find some of those thinning shears in Lefty... (hint hint...)