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Had a nice visit today..

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  • Had a nice visit today..

    from Pinehollowpoms (michelle) and her hubby Brian, along with the lil queen bee, Wicket What a cutie she is!

    Just wanted to say, it was a pleasure talking with you both and great to meet another board member. Sorry you had to see the shop in such disarray from the remodeling. Hopefully, I'll get it all done eventually, but when you start out on a shoestring, it takes time to get it where you want it. Hope you enjoy the lil bottles!

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    Dissarray? I didnt see any disarray. Looked like a good working grooming shop, and your dogs seemed so relaxed and happy. I can't wait to start out on my own shoestring, we were so exited about your little shop its all we talked about all the way home. How to start and our start will be very similiar to your own. Perfect size, perfect location ect.

    I cant believe we got so lost, we were less than 1/4 mile from the proper turn off when we turned around and got really backwards, but we found you in the end.

    I am glad I got to visit, its nice to meet people from the boards that you "see" so much and put a face to the name. (and get to mush on thier puppies as well....tell Cameo sorry bout that, but she seemed to enjoy it)

    I had a great time today and you're such a doll for putting up with Brian and I for such a long time, it gets away from you ya'know.