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woot website is rebuilt

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  • woot website is rebuilt

    Well it took all weekend but my salon site is rebuilt. At least until I get more pics to add.

    what do you think

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    It looks great


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      Awesome! BTW you do a good Scottie!!!


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        Very Nice! I noticed on your Services page you have "On sight Veterinary and support staff if there is ever a problem or question" listed twice, and "on sight" should be "on site".


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          Looks great. Love the silver and lilac color scheme.

          For clarity, I would change this sentence on the main page. The placement of the capital letters confused me, so I had to read it twice:

          """Four Paw Spa Introduces its new introduction
          to grooming for puppies and kittens package.""

          To this:

          Four Paw Spa introduces its new Introduction
          to Grooming for Puppies and Kittens package.""

          Maybe add bold lettering or italics to the "Introduction
          to Grooming for Puppies and Kittens." Part of the confusion was also reading the word introduction right after introduces.

          Hope that makes sense...


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            Thanks guys! I will make those changes when I get home. Thank you for the extra pairs of eyes. Sometimes when you read so much content over and over, your brain just starts no longer seeing any errors.

            Let me know if anyone catches others.