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Computer Crash....argggggg!!!

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  • Computer Crash....argggggg!!!

    Hey everyone......
    my darn computer died on me.........this is twice in the last 14 months.........i'm thinking a new computer may have to be in my future.

    Hope all is good with everyone........last time i posted, I was complaining about being slow.......well, as luck would have it, my phone started ringing off the wall, so now I'm very busy.........there's so much I've been wanting to come on and ask you all, and my mind is drawing such a blank right now, I think it may be fogged up with doggie hair.


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    Try keeping a notebook by the computer.

    I keep a notebook by the computer. You will read things you will want to make a not of. I get so much good info from so many people here.


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      Welcome back! When I saw your name I thought that it had been a while since you posted!
      Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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        You can get plastic guards for the computer so the dander and hair can't get in, check it out, you should have a zip drive and back it up at least 2x weekly, keep an extra copy of the data at home. Good luck !


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          My computer wizard brother in law said to use the HV blower and clean your computer with it once in a while. Take the back end off your tower and give it a nice gentle cleaning with the air. It works for me )


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            my computer isn't in my shop, so it doesn't get a tonne of hair. I run off to the future shop and have their "geeks" fix it everytime it dies........I'm bad at cleaning files/folders out, and I overload it all the time........


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              To much junk

              I wanted to say too much junk in the trunk but it is a hard drive.Get a usb external drive to save your junk on instead of on your hard drive.Thumb drives are pretty cheap.My junk drawer is a 200 gig drive seperate from the computors main drive.When that one fills up I will add another one.By then tarabyte drives will be affordable.