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  • career day at school

    One of my old high school teachers asked me to a do a career presentation for his companion animal class, I don't mind public speaking but I was looking for some suggestions for cool things to demonstrate. I know the obvious answer is to groom a dog but to be honest I can't groom and carry on a conversation at the same time and I own a lab so I would have to use a clients dog and I don't know about bringing it to a high I know i'm over complicating this. I want to do more than stand in front and spout out facts and numbers about the career but I'm at a loss at what I could do. Any ideas?

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    I did one of these last yr. at my son's middle school. I took pix of matts and a matt that I keep (in a zip bag). I also took pix of the creative classes...lots of conversation about that.
    I took many tools; different shears to explain why you'd want it and the use a specific one. I took dematting tools, Coat Kings, different brushes, etc. All of these tools have a specifice purpose, just explain the use of each one.

    I started out by explaining why I did this kind of work and how long I'd been doing it. I talked about different animals and what type of care they need. Explained about mobile, in home, vet and traditional shop/salon grooming.

    Good pix are a big help. I doubt you'd be able to groom a dog but pix can explain alot of what we do. You will get asked some Q's, the first will be, "How much money do you make?"

    good luck,


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      I recommend before & after pix as a visual aid.
      EDIT: I also recommend discussing how coat care (aka brushing) is important to the dog's health and how one must only dedicate 5 minutes daily to proper brushing to stay on top of it. Explain how mats hurt the dog each time it moves. etc.
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        I did this not too long ago...

        and I took my giant schnauzer male with a tattoo and a mohawk. I talked about the importance of grooming, why people should do it (other than looking cool) and how to get into the industry. Sylar allowed petting and let me demonstrate nail trims and combing. And this dog is big enough for all the kids to see!

        I saw it as a great way to get kids motivated to help care for their own pets and to remind them how important they are to us. I have gotten quite a few new clinets because of it, too!!

        Oh, and I discussed the different jobs of dogs and let it be very interactive!

        Good luck!


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          I wish I was working with younger "kids" they are easier to entertain that a bunch of teenage high school students :P I will do the before and after pics, I think they will like those.
          Has anyone ever done school talks about dog bite prevention before? I'm thinking about doing it for dog bite prevention week May 17–23.

          If anyone else is interesteed The AVMA has all the information on their website:

          and here is the prevent the bite website:

          That would get my business name to parents and on our local newspaper and maybe even news. Not bad publicity at all and it helps kids stay safe.


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            Career day 2yrs in a row

            at my son's elementary school. I have a van so I clean it really well, smells nice and all that. I did a half day last year then a full day this year. The younger kids are.....amusing... This year, I did 2 classes per grade level, 22 minute "demo". I explained how much the van cost, how long i've been grooming, importance of hair care, then answer questions. Well, they are SUPPOSED to be questions but are usually stories that go like this:

            "Yes sir?"
            "I had a dog, it got sick, and it died".
            "Ok, next question".
            "I had a dog, it got hit by a car and died."
            "Anyone have any questions about my business?" "Yes sir?"
            "This man in 1918 got mad at his safe, kicked it and his toe got infected and he died." (that was on 1001 and 1 ways to die show). I told the kids that when the fur gets really matted that it can tear the skin and get infected, hence the last statement.

            Then the kids get to go inside the van. It's all clean and smells nice and I get:
            "It smells like DOG in here!"

            It's all good fun and i'm sure i'll do it next year too......

            I brought mats last year and the kids really liked that. Keep them in baggie in case anyone is allergic to pets. This year I forgot the mats, but had 1 1/2" long nails to show them, they thought those were cool lol.


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              I did several career days. I did a video of dogs getting groomed, bathed. Several different breeds. No sound, so I narrated. Kids seemed to enjoy it especially the Golden in the tub. He was spinning like a top while getting HV'd. I told the kids...look lhe's saying this side, oh now this side. they all laughed. I also had them name the breeds.