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  • Owners smoking around dogs


    Before I start I want to say I am not putting down anyone who choses to smoke...
    I wanted to ask about this because I have several little poochies that are covered in cigarette smell and there skin is nasty and there breath smells like they have been smoking themselves not just the owner. I am in the process of writting my first newsletter to clients and was wondering if I put an article in there about the effects of having your dog trapped in you smoking area. Poor things have no choice but to sit there a breathe it in. How come there is no campaige about the effects of smoking and your pet? I find it very hard to groom a dog that smells like this my gag reflex can't take it and I keep thinking how the poor little ones lungs must look.
    My second thing is I don't want to go into a smokers home, I am allergic to it and it ruins my whole darn day. I told one client who is a chain smoker that I can't go into his home and collect my money he did get rather offened and his words were " i don't see how someone can avoid cigarettes" I told the grump that I simply don't like it and I don't seem to have an issue avoiding them. Anyway, is there a way to put this in my newsletter or a way to start a campaige for the dogs and cats who live in cigarette smoke filled homes???

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    You cannot control what other people do in their own home.
    I quit 8 years ago and I don’t like it but I do think that if you push your non-smoking rules on people you will offend them resulting in losing clients.
    Smokers have been made out to be outcast and are sick of people telling them what to do. Quitting was the hardest thing I have ever had to do and it took me 3 times before I could do it.
    Use a mask when bathing these dogs and deal with the smell, as long as they are not smoking while you are around there is not much you can do.


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      What Poochie said, People have enough restrictions on them, get some masks, My problem is cologne, I want to ban people from wearing ****** cologne around their pets, some dogs reek from that And I am alergic to some of it, it's best to leave it alone.imo
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        I think you would be crossing a line there that you may not want to cross. You are not a health care professional or a vet, therefore your advice would be seen as accusatory and misguided. Believe me, I don't smoke, even if I did I would never smoke in my house, but smokers already have to defend their habit about fifty million times a day, if you put that in your newsletter you just might lose customers. My BF smokes and I do have to watch what I say about the subject, and I live w/ him. He does not smoke in the house, as much his idea as mine, so I don't have to be around it. There are a hundred things I'd love to tell my customers everyday, but I just don't. I understand where you are coming from, believe me, but I wouldn't do it. Those people who smoke know how bad it is for them and everyone around them and yet they do it anyway. As far as not going into customers houses who smoke, simply tell them you are highly allergic to it. How could they possibly get offended if it is beyond your control. Course I suppose you could just fire all your smoking clients.
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          I have to agree with Poochie on this too. You are risking losing clients by offending them I think. If you absolutely cannot be around the smell, maybe you will have to give up those clients.
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            Yes, they smell

            Dog hair really seems to hold the smell, so it is usually very strong.

            Just tell clients and prospective clients that you are sorry, but you have a highly allergic reaction just being around anything with smoke in it, including a pet!

            That's what I say to people about Cockers, I tell them I have a reaction to their hair and that's why I don't do them. It's true, their hair bugs me, lol.


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              I agree with the others, I think you would be crossing a line. I hate the smell too, it is just plain nasty. Really though, they have the right to smoke, and can do whatever they want. Do you really think that sending a letter to a smoker would make them and sit down and think about what they're doing? I'd think they're already well aware of what they are doing.
              If you decide to continue to do smokers dogs, tell them your only opening is the last appointment of the day, and go straight home and shower.


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                My husband and I both smoke we have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat. I know that smokers dogs smell, I know smoking is "bad" for you ETC....
                Personally if you told me you could not come in my house to collect your pay, I would tell you FINE go collect it from someone else's house. I am a grown-up the last person I would need telling me what to do with myself, or in my own house would be my dog groomer.
                I have clients come pick up their dogs, and I am out back smoking... never bothers them.
                If it did fine they can find another groomer, just as easily as the people you are going to offend can find another groomer.

                Just think about it before you tell anyone, you can't go into their house. I think putting info in your news letter is one thing, but telling people you can not come in their house anymore is asking for trouble
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                  I have been a smoker for 40 years, I hate it, it's a evil nasty habit. Nowdays it cost a ton too. I spent the night in the hostipal with my mom, who was having surgery to remove a cancerous spot on her lung ( she was a former smoker who quit about 30 years ago). I woke up at 4 am, got dressed, rode the elevator to the lobby, hiked out to the parking lot,, just to have a smoke!!! Now you would think seeing what my mom went thru would make me stop!!! But it didn't, I felt like a junkie who needed a nicotine fix. I have tried to quit several time! I actually have panic attacks when I don't have a pack of ciggs in my purse. Sending out a non smoking letter to your clients will prob loose you some clients, us smokers know how bad it is, how bad it smells!!!! You non smokers don't realize how hard it is to quit and how addicting it is! If it bothers you, you have the right not to groom smokers dogs!


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                    I gotta say I do smoke BUT ive never smoked in my house and Im the biggest freak about peoplel doing that.My best friends mom smokes in her house and has 2 cats I flat out say to her "So you trying to givem them copd too/" My best freind is 31 and she has COPD .I swear she has it from her moms second hand smoke.She has one cat that she thinks has kennel cough for the last 9 years-um......I dont think so. she swears its from her boarding at the vets. uh NO you smoke in the house mom!
                    I will sometimes in passing conversation say oh second hand smoke is worse on pets than people but thats hard to work in a conversation .I think a simple newsletter would be fine if you had a vet edit the article. I wouldnt be mad at my groomer for sticking that in the newsletter.


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                      I am gonna be real here.......

                      I smoke. I don't smoke in my house. but if I chose to and had someone talk to me like you talked to that guy I would NEVER want your services again. AND i would spread the word to all my friends that you were rude and offensive. (speaking from an client perspective
                      Now, like others said, if you simply said "I am sorry I can't come into your house, I am horribly allergic to smoke." That would be another story. No problem. Choosing your words carefully is key.
                      I also think that starting a campaign for pets who live in smoke filled homes is gonna lose you a lot of business. I think it is too risky. I agree that dog, cats and children shouldn't be subject to smoke. I also hate grooming smoke drenched dogs. BUT, it isn't your choice to make. Us smokers have become VERY hostile against people who preach that smoking is bad. We know! And people who get that from there groomer are gonna go elsewhere.
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                        Well, I'm a smoker too (as I hang my head in shame). I had quitewhen I was pregnant with my first and stayed smoke free for 5 years. I started again when my mom died. It's been 2 years so it's not an excuse for why I am STILL smoking. That's all on me. I have tried to quit and end up with anxiety attacks. Still working on it.
                        That said, any smoking done is outside, never around my kids or pets. But for years I did smoke in my house, well before kids and before this house, and never even thought about the fact that it was affecting my pets. Once it dawned on me, like a major DUH, I moved all smoking to outside. I think for some it just may not dawn on them. When I discussed it with a dear friend, who was also a client, she had the same "well, duh" epiphony and moved all her smoking away from her pets. For some, they just may not think about it.
                        I'm always worried a client is going to smell it on me and be offended. So far no one has mentioned it. Even though I smoke outside I'm sure I must smell like smoke at times.
                        My sister on the other hand and BIL are severe chain smokers, smoke inside with two children and their pets and the more I have mentioned the dangers the more they dig in their heals about their rights to smoke in their own homes. Even though both kids need a nebulizer! It does infuriate me, but different people have different views. Some will have that light come on like I did and some will get very offended and defensive. With my sister, hey, she's family, I can harp on her all I want. My client was more a friend than anything and I simply told her about my resolve to not smoke around my pets anymore and she decided it was a good idea for her.
                        Wish there was an easy answer. It REALLY ticks me off when I see people driving in their cars with kids in the back smoking like a chimney. My husband knows under penalty of death, he will NEVER smoke with the kids in his car and NEVER smoke in my van. He does smoke in his car when he's alone.
                        If it is affecting your health and your ability to work then you may have to say something. If someone told me they were severely allergic, and did it in a nice non-judgemental way, I think most would respond politely to it.
                        You can't smoke anywhere around here in public anymore. Traveling to other states I forget that there are still places where you can smoke in restaraunts and hotel rooms.
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                          I agree w/what the others are saying. The same people that are smoking in the house w/their dogs more than likely smoked (or are smoking) in the house and car w/their kids. They know the risks and have made an informed choice. Their home is one of the only places they can still smoke now. Having their groomer send a newsletter w/that type of info (as well meaning as I am sure you mean it to be) will just offend and turn them off from using your services.

                          You definately have the right to refuse to groom a smokers dog. I would just make sure to tell them you are allergic or have asthma or something to keep from hurting feelings and having them bad mouth you.
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                            Smoker here.
                            (outside only)

                            You have a nice idea to write an article about secondhand smoke & pets, but as others have said, PLEASE choose your words & TONE wisely.
                            Your post comes across very degrading & prejudice, & belive me, us smokers are WELL AWARE of all the health risks. (Unless "they" are just totally stupid & have been living under a rock for 25 years)

                            If you are that highly sensitive to smoke, you must make it your business to ask if a potential client smokes & then decline to be their groomer.

                            I agree with another poster (sorry, don't recall who) who mentioned heavy perfumes....
                            THAT gives me a headache!!!

                            Please add into your newsletter the dangers of all the chemicals in all the household cleaning products,fabric fresheners,deodorizers,artificially candles,perfumes,fabric softener sheets,etc,etc.....
                            While you're at it, the ****** mass marketed dog food, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, flouride in the water, I forgetting anything????

                            Hope you see my point here....

                            Choose your words carefully....


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                              Former smoker here,( 5 years clean!) glad we quit because between my DH's 2 pack a day & my 1 pack a day we would have had to take out a second mortgage on our house just to buy cigs. We knew it smelled bad, we knew it was bad for us, but until we decided WE wanted to quit, it did not matter. To the OP, be very careful how you approach this. Smokers have been made to feel like criminal outcasts and are very sensitive to this. You dont want to get people bad mouthing you all over town, that can kill off your business from even non smokers. I would not open that Pandora's box if it were me. If smoking is that offensive to you, just tell the individual smoker clients that your allergies have become so bad that the smoke odor is compromising your own health, have a referral groomer to give them and leave with no hard feelings on either side. The last thing you want to appear is judgmental...JMHO...