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Blood, Lots of blood everywhere

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  • Blood, Lots of blood everywhere

    This morning we let our two dogs out to do their morning routine of marking their areas and stretching their legs. Well Jack (see Avatar) and Vito must have been in one of their running and playing ruckouses. Jack showed up at the back door wanting to come in and their was blood all over the porch.

    Apparently he must have caught or stubbed his rear toe on something because his nail was completely torn off at the joint. I brought him in wrapped the foot and rushed him to the vet. By the time i got the wrapping was completely soaked and my shamwow was soaked, and all the leather seats in my truck looked like murder scene.

    All the vets were in surgery, so the vet techs rewrapped and I had to leave him there. I'm waiting for them to call me and come get him. I know they were going to sedate him and most likely just cauterize the wound. Not much else they can do.

    UPDATE: THe vet called me. They cleaned it up and decided not to do surgery, because there is nothing there to work with. He completely ripped the toe nail out, root and all. So its gone forever. They are just putting him on antibiotics, wrapped it and are going to let it bleed and ooze itself out. So it will have to heal as an open wound.
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    YIKES! That's what you get for being so helpful to everyone here? Seems very unfair!

    Do yourself a big favor...if you don't already have some....go out and get some of those super-weather-proof, attach w/ Velcro, hunting dog boots. You'll be glad you did!
    And buy a size or 2 bigger than you think you need to accommodate the bandaging.
    Poor poochie, poor you!
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      Awww poor Jack! I can imagine that's pretty painful. I hope he heals quick.


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        Oh man! That is so scary!!! I am so sorry! Give him some love from me.
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          Gkad it's going to o.k. So scarywhattheygetinto.
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            I agree with Sibes boot suggestions. They ought to be a part of every pet owner's tool box. I was sled dogs wear them? I know hunting dogs do.
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              sthsthsthsthsth, that's exactly what came out of my mouth when I read this! OUCH! My pit Ace (the one on the bottom in my avatar) did something very similar. Although the root was still there b/c it did grow back eventually, only much smaller than the original claw. My vet cauterized and said it wouldn't grow back....she was wrong! :-) I hope your guy feels better soon. Although, our dogs are more resilient than we are, they don't dwell on stuff!


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                This post made my tummy spin--that sooo musta' hurt.
                One of our Labs did this last summer, so much blood,,,very scary!
                I am glad he is going to be alright!
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                  I have no idea what or how it happened. All I can figure is he must have been in a dead sprint to snap the nail off like that. Now whether he got it hung on something or stubbed it I don't know.

                  Its still ozzine right now, but only every now and then. He doesn't act like its bothering him. The vet thought that its probably sore, but less sore than if the root had gotten left behind since the nerve ending is now gone.

                  When he came home they have his foot wrapped and he had a funny walk. He eventually got that off. Once that was off he licked it clean and hasn't bothered it since.

                  I just have to keep it open, clean and dry. Instead of using a bootie when he goes out I slip an old sock over his foot and then wrap Reynolds press and seal around that to keep the moisture out and to keep the sock on. When he comes back in just take it all off.

                  Thanks for caring you all. It means a lot to me.


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                    Originally posted by Smart-n-Pretty View Post
                    I agree with Sibes boot suggestions. They ought to be a part of every pet owner's tool box. I was sled dogs wear them? I know hunting dogs do.
                    Most sled dogs do wear very light weight booties. Mostly to keep snow from clumping between the toes (which annoys them) rather than to protect the feet from injuries. Heavy rubber bottomed ones would weigh the dogs down and tire them out too quickly.