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  • Doing A Happy Dance!

    I have been of late calling around to get all My little duckies in a row with information on Business Insurance,and certifications once I move.

    I have been talking to the ISCC .They could let me do My written by proctor but I would have to travel to Spain, Italy,Or England to take My practical. I was not Happy and frustraited.
    At least the IACP (International association or pet trainers) lets you send in a Dvd or video tests as long as it is dated and with time, Also with letters of recommendation from 3 others in the pet business weather it be groomer vet or what may have you.

    I finially called the IPG! and she has a testing center for me! however it is going to be about 6 hour drive away. They were very nice and almost sounded as excited as I was.

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    do you have to be certified to groom over there? Are you opening a shop or will you be grooming out of your home? Are you nervous moving to Germany? I would be, there is a post on the employment page for a groomer looking for someone to open a salon in Hawaii with her, that sounds like such fun, I wish I could!


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      No actually the German Govt does not look at grooming as a real Job to make money.

      and no you do not as of yet have to be certified but.....
      I do have a clippering and scissoring certificate from a german groomer. She asked me to help her groom 2 mini poodles as she had never groomed a poodle before (she mostly gets terriers). So she brought me in I taught her how I was taught to groom poodles and her Husband took pictures of us working together and at the end of the day she wrote me out a certificate that I completed and showed good clippering and hand scissoring techniques.

      I am not quite sure what I want to do yet for My business. The last time I was there I was kind of mobil traveling to peoples homes and groomed like that. and then I had a few customers that came to My home. but I think I would like to be a stay in 1 place salon this time.

      The bad part is I have to pitch the Idea too the person that runs the army base and grants or denies the Ideas. And the army runs all off paper! certs for this certs for that ect......
      I have never written a business plan ( I can not afford the grooming business in the box yet) and then of course is the insurance part. I have to be insured By a german company, None of the places in the states are allowed to cover me even though I will be technichally on american soil and only grooming for americans.

      I am excited for the move as I spent the last 5 years over there.
      I am just nervous about becomming a legal business and am I smart enough to pull it off!