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    So I posted a couple weeks ago about my 10 year old pit having seizures. We have him on phenobarbital and he seems to be adjusting to the meds fairly well. I am taking him in this thursday for a blood level check and overall looksy. In the meantime, I have made several calls to my vet to ask questions about slight differences in my dogs physical and emotional behavior. One of things I am concerned about is he seems to be whining more. My concern is he could be in pain. My vet seems to be of the opinion that it is simply a side effect of the pheno and eventually it will level off.

    So after doing some research, I decided to give ComfortZone a try. I have to say, it seems to be helping him! The first day I plugged it in he went up to it and sniffed it and then laid in the doorway of his room for hours in a very restful state. Typically, he would follow me throughout the house and be very restless when we were sitting, whining in a low tone. Both of my dogs have "their own rooms" b/c I don't have children so my office at home is dedicated to one of the boys and my hubs office is dedicated to the other. So when I am not home they each go to their respective rooms b/c I don't allow my boys on the furniture and don't trust if a delivery person were to come that one of them wouldn't/couldn't crash through the front window. I take all precautions with these two, better safe than sorry.

    I am just curious if anyone else has tried this product and what your thoughts are? Of course I read many reviews but I am all about getting it "straight from the horses mouth" since I always think there is a percentage of reviews that were actually created by the manufacturer to help sell their product.

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    I use it in my mobile

    I wasent sure it helped until i noticed some behavior changes and then noticed it was empty i keep them full all the time now , I just put one in the puppy room as momma is a bit anxious think its helping there to i tryed the cat one with no noticable affects but wont go with out the one in my truck so glad you found something to help !


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      I've used it quite a bit, both at home and at work. When it works it works very well. When it doesn't work, it doesn't work at all. There doesn't seem to be a lot of middle ground. And, of course, there are dogs that it doesn't work on, just like anything else.

      You can also get it in spray form. That ones handy to spray on your grooming post or in a dog's cage to get a worry-wart to settle down.


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        interesting! I always saw the product but never bothered to look into it because I figured it didn't really do anything. Now I'll look into it again!


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          I have to say, it was not inexpensive. I paid $50 for the plug in and refill. I believe the refill is about $35. I did find that if you purchase it online it was $35 for the whole set. I did keep the packaging and the receipt just in case in didn't work. So far, I have been very pleased with the results. It certainly does seem to be helping with his anxiety.