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himalain cat needs a home

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  • himalain cat needs a home

    hey everyone i am looking for a home for a ten year old, absolutly buetiful purebred himalain(sp) cat
    he is nuetered, declawed, up to date on shots and freshly groomed(not by me) in a cute lion clip. he was to be put to sleep due to arthritis in his hind legs, but i have bought him a few more days as the vet doesnt think his legs are bad enough to justify putting him down doc thinks he would do just fine with a yearly adiquain injection(less than 20.00) i was uneasy with the situation in which this boy was brought in. we are not this owners reugualr vet and i wondered why the owners regular vet wouldnt put him down for her, we think he didnt want to do it either. i cant understand why after ten years,they paid for grooming and shots instead of getting him his arthritis meds. anyone willing to give a great cat a few more comfortable years? pm me for pics.

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    I wish I could. It's a shame I live too far away - the travel on the cat would be way to stressful.
    I'm really just a little dog in a big dog's body (I really should cut down on those milk bones).