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  • APF food situation

    I am going to stay at the Hilton while at the APF. Actually a friend and I will be sharing a room and we'll both be dropped off there. I heard that 2 of the restaurants will be closing due to the additional vendors needing space and was wondering if anyone knew if there's going to be a restaurant on site and if there are going to be a breakfast offerd. I sent an email to Ann but haven't heard back yet so if anyone has the inside scoop it would be sooo appreciated. Thanks.
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    The sports bar will be open. They have a menu you can order from. I usually order something to go and take it back to the room. There's also a little cart that has krispy kremes and starbucks coffee. If that cart is not there, I will be UPSET! lol.

    There is also an executive level that serves light breakfast, snacks, drinks, lunch, and heavy appetizers. You can pay to get access to that level. I think it's worth it... I do that every year.

    There are several restaraunts close by. Waffle House is one of them. Here's a link to nearby food places:


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      Dealing with food is always the kicker when you are at these things...which is why I always try and get one of the rooms with access to the executive dining thingy upstairs....I didn't know you could pay extra to get in there! It IS worth it....I just snack and schmooze when I have a chance!!


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        Not sure about the in-hotel restaurants, but pretty sure the sports bar on the lower level will stay open. There are lots of good restaurants around the hotel, alot deliver. You can get a list and menues from the concierge. There is also a complimentary shuttle that can take you to pick up take out too. We had thai last year and it was FAB!