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    Well not litterally. It seems all of my clients have one leg that they just don't want you too mess with, either clipping the nails, trimming the pads, scissoring or clipping. I don't get it. Is there something that happens while their in the womb that makes them come out not wanting one leg messed with? Its not like the one leg is any different then the other three. Geesh!

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    It seems that one foot is more ticklish than the other. I used to have horses and found the same thing with them. I usually get them outta the tub, wrap the body in a towel and put them on my table with their rear end facing the grooming loop. then I clip and file nails on back paws first, then go to the front. I then dry the dog, then shave pads. This hold usually works great.


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      I know what you mean.....

      It's like they passed an email to every dog in the world saying" Hey, lets' mess with the groomer,don't let"them" groom your left back leg." Hee heeee. I guess you know with the front pick the other up so they have nothing left to stand on. With me it is often trying to trim the inside arms by the pit or the chest. They stand up on hind legs, and I need them to be all 4 on the table. Many times it is the entire left side. They just have to face one way. Whats' up with that?
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        Consider yourself lucky...a lot of mine have 2,3 or 4 legs they don't want messed with!
        And a face too!!!


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          Originally posted by Jenneversage64 View Post
          It's like they passed an email to every dog in the world
          Pee Mail
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            I want to know whats up with those dogs that don't even flinch when I cut their nails, file, and trim hair between pads, or even shave matts out from pads, but when I try to scissor or clip their legs all hell breaks loose. Whats so painful or frightening about having a brush or a clipper on your leg?


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              I guess you would have to be a dog to know why

              I finally figured out that Toby, a Yorkie I groom is very tickelish on his one side and his under arm. I just trim a little in stages. I do reverse 5F with suction. Maybe the suction tickles/ He is getting worse but he is actually a young dog.


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                Originally posted by Smart-n-Pretty View Post
                Pee Mail


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                  my theory

                  Almost every dog I work on doesnt like their front left leg or foot touched. Then one day I was helping restrain a nutty lil terrier and I held it like...when I was a tech and as if I was going to roll a vein..the dog went nuts. I have since come up with this. Dogs are sensitive on the legs they get blood drawn on. Depends if their techs are left or right handed. A right handed tech will almost always roll a left vein on a dog. I can't imagine it feels nice. So ya, it's a theory.

                  My favourite thing is dogs who take a complete wiggins when I try and do anything to thier left side. fun fun fun.