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ginger with four more weeks hair.

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  • ginger with four more weeks hair.

    ok heres ginger with 4 more weeks of hair since yall have seen her. anyone imagining any fabulous hair cuts for her yet?????? im starting to vision maybe her ears blending into her head. were going to the ultimate grooming tour next weekend and i am hoping they can help me with a good haircut for her there at the 6hour hands on workshop.
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    I think she looks great the way she is. Maybe you could shave and color a big red heart on her hip to match her scarf.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!


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      Ginger KNOWS shes' a pretty girl

      That is a lot of scissoring , me thinks. Good job! I think they look great with the bandana.


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        ....All I can say is God Bless You!!!
        Because I just spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME & EFFORT on a doodle yesterday.....(& all her other grooms, to make mom happy)

        You must have the patience of a saint!

        I think Doodles look SUPER shaved down with a #7......HaHaHa!!!!!

        But, seriously, I have no ideas(I personally think they're not the cutest animals around)
        ....Best deserve it!


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          she looks great now, but since you're asking...

          what about a porti style, shorter ears and a lion tail???

          you are competing with her right?

          if it were me i would take her body shorter since it looks like she may be lacking in leg hair still, how long does she have to grow? i always like a fuller leg. i think it might give her a more high fashion look if you get what i mean but i love sculpted trims.


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            competition is july were going to the pet quest. so plenty of time for hair to grow. but next weekend is the ultimate grooming tour where the master certifiers are doing a hand on seminar. and i would like to get a pattern set there while i have help lol. i was thinking porti too. anyone have some pics on that cut???? when you do the poodles for comps with the shaped legs what do you usually run on the body??