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Lisa Stell Leady & my dog

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  • 4Sibes
    And so it begins......
    [Arrooh way up on a stepladder, busily taping a 4 foot by 5 foot poster of the blown up picture on her wall of Grooming Idols....over the likes of me and Sheilab,....pout.]

    Great shot Arrooh! How fun!

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  • Arrooh
    started a topic Lisa Stell Leady & my dog

    Lisa Stell Leady & my dog

    See if this picture works. It was funny, my Brittany Mama, Fini, almost 10 got to go to the Pasadena Expo and hang out all day, but I went to work grooming. Lisa used Fini for demo dog and of course did a fine job. Fini liked all the attention - she's just the sweetest dog ever. I got a little treat too but I felt great having Lisa get good from my dog. Lisa is adorable, to me much cuter than on TV.
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