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  • Dog Training on line course/school

    Are there any groomes out there who also has a dog training certificate? Can you please recommend an on-line course for me? What do you think of ABC (Animal Behavior College)? They do have an on-line course but the prices are about $2000-$4000. I am interested in taking a dog training course but am not sure which one is the best.

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    Find a trainer in your area and do hands on, no online course will give you what you need to become a dog trainer. If no trainers near check out and find a breeder,handler to mentor you, or volunter with. Don't waste your hard earned money. You need to train a dog one on one, then a lot more to even begin to get the idea of training. Sorry to be a damper, just hate people getting ripped by these places. Ask jcdoghero what it takes. I've trained and helped run classses and am not a trainer.
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      I went to Triple Crown Academy in Hutto, TX. I loved it and so did my dog!!! After I graduated from there they started an online course. Not sure how it works.


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        On-line Training

        Having spent much of the past 25 yrs. training my own dogs, and clients dogs, ( for obedience competition as well as basic manners) I can not see how you could effectively learn training thru an on-line course. Training is a hands-on process, especially if you have never done it at all.

        I have taken one on-line grooming course. It was what I'd term a supplemental course, one that went in depth on details. I got alot out of it, but if I didn't have prior knowledge I am unsure if I would've gained as much from it as I did.

        Perhaps I am just "old school" but I think somethings are best learned hands-on. Another thought, much of what you learn depends on the instructor. (JMO).