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  • Saw On TV A Woman Wrote A Book About

    How you can buy products and groom your dog yourself. She said grooming costs have skyrocketed. Now you don't have to pay $100 to have your dog groomed. (says they charge that in NYC)The book is called It's A Dogs' World a guide to caring for your dog yourself. Grrrrr. They showed a Shih Tzu on one of those green fake grass potty pads. Sure people, who are afraid to trim nails;try getting those matts out, trim the hair like we do,don't forget the ears,the pads of the feet etc. I hate when people promote this kind of thing; like we can't offer a worthwhile service. We need some groomers to promote on tv what we are really all about and worth every penny. I wonder why we never see our peers on those tv shows. This show is called Better Arizona where they have segments promoting quack Chiropractors to getting debt free, to teaching people professional groomers are not necessary. You never see anyone saying you can cut and highlite your hair yourself. Maybe we can be our own doctors and surgeons too. And our own cops and all buy guns. Our own Pharmacists and make up our own meds. How stupid and cruel to put down our profession. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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    You kinda had me on your side until you said "...quack Chiropractors..."


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      Originally posted by Jenneversage64 View Post
      How ...sts and make up our own meds. How stupid and cruel to put down our profession. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
      I agree this is real stoopid. It won't last. If all those people that bought petipaws couldn't even get their own dogs nails dremelled ,just imagine the fun and games when they try and groom Fluffy without any professional equipment or experience. Hey, maybe I should buy a scalpel and spay ,neuter my pets to save $
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        Originally posted by Helly View Post
        You kinda had me on your side until you said "...quack Chiropractors..."
        I agree there are quacks in every profession. Chiorpractors, doctors, groomers... so if you were commenting on a certain individual thats ok but don't knock other professions just like you don't like being knocked yourself.

        I do agree on the due-it-yourself you don't need a professional attitude. We are professionals with valuable skills.


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          There are several books on how to fix your toilet, but it doesn't mean I want to do it myself.

          Every single profession has instances where people either value your services, try to do it on their own, or forgo the need for the profession altogether. I think the USA has a weird mindset of "I can do it myself!" fail miserably, then "I'll just pay you to do it." The books just help some fail a little more gracefully.


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            I agree to a point, but I think for those people who can't afford to get their dog professionally groomed I'd rather see them buy a book and try than to scalp them with a 40 blade without having a clue. I'd rather see a dog with a bad home haircut than a pelted dog who can't walk because it hurts.

            And I've never been to a chiropractor, so I can't comment on that one.


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              I don't see a problem with showing pet owners how to groom their dogs themselves. I mean, we weren't all born groomers. There was a time when I was just a pet parent.

              I also do not think they are trying to say anything about our profession. There are a lot of Do It Yourself books out there. There is even a whole DIY channel. I could get Plumbing For Dummies and try to fix my toilet myself. It doesn't mean that I think anything about plumbers or their profession. It also doesn't mean that I think plumbing is easy. It just means that I have the time and the energy to learn, and I do not have the money to waste. And if I fail horribly, I can always get out the yellow pages and call a plumber. The same is true for grooming.


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                Originally posted by Jenneversage64 View Post
                You never see anyone saying you can cut and highlite your hair yourself.
                Technically there are whole aisles at grocery stores, pharmacies, big box stores, etc. devoted to hair coloring and cutting supplies, and there are still lots of hair dresses around People that can't afford to groom their dog will find a way to groom it, people that can afford it but want to save money will usually change their minds after the result, I wouldn't worry too much or get to upset about it.


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                  I became a dog groomer simply because I could not afford to pay a groomer to groom my 2 Standard Poodles. I bought a book called All Breed Dog Grooming, (used book off Amazon, cuz I'm cheap like that) a pair of Oster (Eeeeek) clippers and some blades and scissors and went to town. I'll admit, every picture I see of my dogs when they were less then a year old looks pretty um...... bad. But I was determined to "do it myself". 11 years later I own my own grooming shop. Funny thing is, never once in my entire life did I ever imagine (or even consider) I would someday be a dog groomer - not even when I decided to groom my OWN dogs. I was just trying to save a buck. lol

                  I do get what you are saying, but I look at it this way. 1 person out of a 500 (and that's probably stretching it) who buy that book might actually turn out to be a pretty good groomer. The other 499 are going to give up and pay somebody else to do it, while kicking themselves in the teeth for wasting money on what they will then consider a worthless book that they might be able to sell in a garage sale for 50 cents.


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                    Some of your best clients will be ones who have tried to do it themselves. They really appreciate all our hard work. My hats off to anyone who successfully grooms their own dogs.
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                    Groom on!!!


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                      Heck, when I was changing shops I had a few lessons for clients, who quickly decided they'd drive the extra 40 min to keep bringing them to me


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                        NOOOO Not ALL Chiropractors!

                        Just the one I went to from there little segment. I have a nice woman Chiro and I like the method she uses, the activator. I agree there is good and bad in every profession and plumbers. roofers too etc. Yeah, neutering a male looks easy I've seen it done...lets try that!

                        Helly, I wouldn't knock Chirpopractors. Don't you know me better than that? Almost 1,000 post by now. I do think those debt fixer companies can't be saving anybody. They have a guy on there they promote too.

                        Rethinking my comments...yes some do become good groomers by just trying on their own. I do agree, better an amature trim than a matted neglected dog. I just didn't like her comment about groomers' prices skyrocketing as she put it. If you choose a groomer, I think our prices are fair for all we know and do. That was my main complaint.
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                          When I was in AZ I met a "quack chiro". He could fix ANYTHING with adjustments and his blend of herbs. Heart disease, prevent strokes, spinal injuries. He had parties at people homes and would "treat" their friends and families- for a HEFTY fee I might add. Put them all on some kind of herbal complex he made up himself. You had to KEEP taking it though forever cause if you didnt you would be ill ... Out of the ten people at the first party I went to (my best friend invited me to three, I went to two and said no way) 5 died within a year because they truested HIM instead of a medical doctor. He also used crystals in his work. You had to buy them from HIM in order for them to help you........

                          Most chiros are good people, but this man made my stomach turn. My best friend at the time believed he could work miracles.....her hubby died a year later. He didnt help him at all.
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                            I am all for people buy that book. Eventually they realize they waisted their money and had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Their groomer gets a new found appreciation after the experience.


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                              Had to laugh at this one

                              My target customers are those that would not even THINK of grooming their dogs....and then I have a few that have tried and failed....some even read a book...LOL...and then I have some that are "just so afraid of hurting little Princess" that they would not try it themselves....
                              As for the tv show idea, I think that is a good one...need to follow a groomer around everyday....instead of Kate plus 8 it could be Kate plus K9....I have thought of setting up a camera and doing some video on my website, mainly to show people what happens when dogs are neglected or go too long without grooming...more educational than anything...

                              Anyway...hail to those that try themselves.....but us groomers are here to fix the mess when little Princess starts squirming and you cut off more than you intended too....LOL...