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anyone offer to teach a family member?

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  • anyone offer to teach a family member?

    I've been kicking around the idea of offering to teach my sister how to groom. She hates her job with the state with a passion and I know she could make a lot more grooming than she does there. She wouldn't get the same kind of benes, but you've got to trade some good with the bad.
    She has worked with me at the grooming salon part time and did bathe some dogs as well as do reception work. She did a good job on the bathing. She also has an artistic streak, so I think she'd be able to have an eye for balance and symetry. But the thing is, I have never taught anyone from scratch how to groom. I have completed people's training, I've assisted in training, but I've never taken it on all by myself. I don't know if I am really qualified to be training someone from the ground up. Especially a family member. Since I only groom part time it would be a VERY long process. I also would not hire her once I trained her. I just know, it wouldn't be a good idea to have her working for me. It was one thing when we were both working together, but I don't want to be her boss.
    Even if I make the offer there is no guarantee she would even accept. I just thought it would be an option for her if she wanted to make a change to do something she might enjoy more. Sitting doing data entry is not really floating her boat. And then she wouldn't have to pay for training, which I know she can't afford right now.
    I don't know if I'd be a great teacher, which is my other concern. I've met some great groomers who couldn't teach a lick, and then some great groomers who were natural teachers. I don't want to offer then totally suck at it and disappoint her that I can't explain anything clearly.
    So, watcha' think?
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    Well, it worked for me. My mom taught me how to groom.

    I had been in education and politics. After an accident with a drunk driver left me unable to work under "normal" conditions, my mom offered me the chance to learn to groom. (Sounds crazy that someone would get into this business with a broken knee-cap and a beat-up body, right?) I jumped at the chance, and LOVED it.

    It all depends on the people involved. But, the person learning has to be willing to take criticism without getting personally insulted. The person teaching has to be willing to step-up and be honest when something needs work/improvement...

    My mom and I have been working together now for over 5 years.


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      i am teaching my mom!

      My mom was always curious how to groom so i started teaching her, eventually when i open my own shop she will be a groomer to, at least she wants to be!


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        I had a freind offer to teach me a few years ago but where we worked we had a ton of [email protected]@hole dogs and I just wasnt interester at the time .bummer I shoudl have jumped at the chance now I want to learn soo bad I cant go to school right now because I will be moving in 3 months and still need to work so I took penn foster online and finished in a month-
        stil wished I would have learned from my freind~


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          If only...

          I would love to teach my youngest son or daughter but they don't want ANYTHING to do with grooming :-(
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            I think you can explain, from your posts you go into detail so try it. I can not teach I can't even tell you how what order I do yhe dogs in! Meanimg which foot I do first, we tend to do things in the same order, I just go on autopilot, and the regulars give me that paw first.
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              I did

              I had only been grooming for about a year when I found out that after I got married I'd be moving out of the area. I hated the idea of just closing up my little shop so I started teaching my sister how to groom. I had about 3 months to work with her but everything turned out good. She took over when I left and she groomed for about 20 years before she became too ill to do it anymore.

              In the beginning we did have a few crazy phone calls where I'd try to explain what a certain pattern was supposed to look like or how to handle a dog, this was before the internet..LOL!!


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                I taught my husband and for all the other people I taught and who groom similar to my style; he doesn't!
                It can be frustrating at times but it's also a commitment to each of you. The advantage to teaching your sister is you don't live with her so if you both have a bad day, you don't take it home with you.
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                  The first salon I worked for I also was manager which entailed teaching my little sister she was a very good groomer too bad she didn't like it(she didn't like working at all).Years later she worked with me in other salons only as a bather she would have been a great asset to any salon as a groomer but she didn't have the desire.What my question is for you you really want to spend your time teaching her to be a good groomer for another shop's benefit? If your fear is just mixing family and business may cause conflict, it may be best if she found another place to learn,however if you do decide to be her teacher you may find she can be a better asset to your business as teaching her may be time consuming for you both (long term as part time) you may find it in yours and her best interest to hire her yourself teach her to the best of your ability to your standards .Being as I was always the bossy sister My little sister didn't have any issues with taking orders from me as her boss.We became much closer from our experiences as well.. Good luck with what ever you decide.


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                    My sister in law is training me as I type

                    It all started out when her co-worker didn't show up for work on a 10 dog day. I was out of work and she called me in desperation. I never left. That was 1 yr ago. I've been brushing/bathing for her now. And with in the next year she's grooming me to help her with her expanding business. I'm going to by that book. Notes from the grooming table. And were going to follow that.

                    Also we work really well together. She's the boss and I'm the worker. And I like it that way. No questioned asked. I go home with no worries she goes home with them all.


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                      Well I tried to teach my mum but shes kind of given up on the scissors, but she baths and blowdrys for me every saturday and christmas time. I'm glad I taught her because she bathes and blowdrys absolutely perfect she just lacks confidence and is a little scared of biting dogs but shes the best bather I've ever met! She also does rough clips (well not much scissoring), but when Im overly busy, anything helps!
                      End of story is Im glad I did it.