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  • Do you ever.....................

    wonder if you dog did "that" on purpose?

    The other evening I was laying on the couch w/Cyrus curled up on my feet and William was laying on the loveseat. After a while Will gets up and comes to my couch acting like he wanted to get up w/us, but there was no room and I wasn't moving and neither was After a few moments he lays down on the dog bed near the couch looking at us w/sad calf eyes then he sudddenly gets up again walks towards the door and begins to bark. Cyrus jumps off the couch and races to the door barking his head off whereby William immediately takes his place on the couch, looks at me, sneezes and curls up at my feet looking very pleased w/himself.

    Once Cyrus realizes that there is no one there to bark at he comes back to the couch and William just lay there cutting his eyes from me to Cy. I swear I think I heard him giggling to himself.

    Now I know that dogs are great problem solvers and William is a smart dog, but do you think he could have actually "planned" this little comando operation? What have your pets done that leave you wondering if they are smarter than the average 5th grader???????
    SheilaB from SC

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    I'd say there is no doubt that this was a purposeful ruse. The dog's behavior says it all. He didn't continue barking when the other dog joined him, just ducked back and took the spot he originally wanted.

    I have also seen dogs start to play with a toy to interest the other dog, then run and nab a spot that they wanted. This is why I laugh so much at some of the "new" things that scientists come out with, like dogs CAN think and dogs have a sense of fairness, etc. We dog people have seen this in action forever, and could have told them so and helped them set up their studies, lol.


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      Yes, I do believe a dog could think that out. I had a similar experience, many years ago, with my daughter's Beagle, Tyrone, and my Dachshund bitch, Ronda.

      Ronda was the Queenie Weenie, and she had a bone. Tyrone wanted it, but knew she'd beat him six ways till Sunday if he tried to take it. So he did the same thing; ran to the back door, barking. Of course Ronda dropped the bone and ran to the door. Tyrone promptly ran back, grabbed the bone, Jumped into his crate, and pulled the door shut!


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        My Lowchen pup has mastered this game. He does it anytime that my puli is in a place that he wants to be or has something that the Lowchen wants. The puli is getting smarter to it, but he just can't resist checking to see what the pup is barking at.



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          No doubt he did that on purpose. Dogs are great problem solvers, and solving a problem that will directly affect their comfort will be top priority for them.
          Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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            My toy poo played my spoo like that for months, finally spoo figured it out and started taking the toy or bone with her to see what the deal was.
            Toy poo has changed tactics recently and now does play bow, wiggle butt, run behind the table and back, woofwoof, scrunchy body, all together to entice spoo away from chewy..starting to not work, can't wait to see what she comes up with next.


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              Oh yeah...

              My three are constantly messing with each others minds, or the senior Shih Tzu is a real clown. If he wants something and he is being ignored, we get his "playgirl pose" he stand up on his backside and leans himself onto the coffee table and stares at you, until you give in...then he steals my favorite spot on the couch. Unfortunately, lately he is to the point where he can't jump up anymore, so I still fall for his "look" and place him in my spot, which always has a heating pad on medium for my back, and I curl up beside him.
              My other dog Tika, is the only dog that plays with toys, so she will take her favorite and mash it into the other dogs face until he will start playing, once he does, she promptly mounts him! then she steals his place on the couch when she is done...She is boss!
              I believe dogs think, feel and use underhanded methods of cuteness to get what they want...kind of like some females I know of the human variety
              I think most of us have been guilty of that at least once in our lives, for me, it is a once a month thing...especially during biking season when I need a new bike, a new helmet and a new jacket...I use my charm to make sure I can get what I need if I am a little short on cash! last year it was grooming equipment! This month it will be a Ren's order. Next month it will be my bike....I know, I'm not a nice person, but I help hubby too sometimes LOL!

              Now tell the truth, do you think your dogs might have learned some of their wonderful ways at getting what they want from watching us????



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                My cat and dog did this the other day. Lucy was in the sunbeam, very comfy. Neela, the Siamese mix walked over and initiated play with Lucy, bopped her on the head and ran away. Lucy of course chased her, then got distracted by the hope of a treat and Neela promptly stretched out in the sunbeam with this very smug expression that only cats can make, lol. Lucy had to find another sunny spot.


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                  my dogs do that kind of stuf all the time. My newest puppy is a real snuggle bug in bed. As in he has to be right up against me and nowhere else. My bf made him move one night and as soon as my bf fell asleep puppy promptly got up walked over to him........and threw up on his chest! Of course he went to shower and puppy got to snuggle in with me and fall asleep lol


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                    Now the Sibes are different in that respect. They work as a team...all for one and one for all.

                    If one digs a hole out under the fence...they make sure it is wide enough for the pals to slide on thru...and they wait until the whole family is assembled before taking off on field trips.

                    Likewise, if the tour leads them by....say,... Chicken Debby's, and someone had to stay home in a crate....they always bring a thigh or a drumstick or a wing back for the shut-in.

                    If one gets ahold of wildlife....they all pitch in to help pull parts off of it.

                    They would NEVER consider rolling in skunk spray (with or without The Rabies) before showing the rest of the group exactly where to find it.

                    If it is pitch-black-dark at night, and they are waaaay up in the corner of the yard where I can't see them, and I give a recall command....out of pure respect for Sky (who "doesn't do" recall)...none of them come.

                    Don't get much better than that. Teamwork. None of that conniving and messing with each other's heads.......
                    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                      oh Sibes, you're great!

                      When Teddy (golden) has a toy that Lulu 9toy poo x)wants, she slides over to him sticks her butt in his face, lifting her leg, so he can get a good sniff. Then, off with the toy! Poor guy falls for it every time....(don't they all??!)


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                        Yep, Will knew exactly what he was doing

                        My Chi's are always doing stuff like that. Happy (my oldest female) knows how to get the "throne" (my pillow) away from who ever has claimed it, lol. They are really comical to watch and great therapy for my husband. He always has a story about the dogs for me.


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                          With out a doubt! However my two big guys will just climb right over each other and literally lay right on top of each other just to share the couch with the me and the wife.

                          On the other hand I find my boys messing with me and my wifes mind just to get attention. Just yesterday my boy, Vito, walked over stood in the middle of his dog bed and peed all over it. I thought what the heck. You went out just 20 minutes ago. I think he did it because he was upset with us about something. Not sure what. Both of my dogs are completely house trained. I have left them inside for 10 hrs with no accidents. Neither one are crated either.

                          You just never know what a dog is thinking or what they might do. They're just to much fun.


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                            Let's see....Lola would open the cupboard door to the garbage and then let the others dump the garbage so she wouln't get the blame, the poodles will usually tease each other with a toy to get the "perfect" napping spot, Emily will flat out stick her butt in Mousse's face to get him to act even stupider than what's normal for him.

                            4Sibes: I'd LOVE to see some of your packs antic caught on tape!
                            ~*~*~Shawn, C.M.G.~*~*~
                            Apparently common sense isn't all that common
                            *~*~emipoo on egroomer*~*~*


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                              if lily, is in my lap, tinker will bark and play bow, and run around. lilly jumps off my lap, to chase tinker, and presto, instant space on said lap for tinker.