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  • Motivation?

    So to all you bosses out there, what do you use as incentives for your employees, if anything? Do you give cash bonuses? Giftcards? ect.
    I'm thinking about implementing a bonus sytem for my employees. They are paid on salary, but I want to give them a personal reason to take that last minute bath dog or squeeze in a new client.
    I know some salons that use a shop quota system....Eg; everyone gets an extra $50 if the shop breaks a thousand that day. Has anyone used or had experince with this type of setup?
    Bottom line what would motivate you?

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    This is how my former boss handled bonuses. My salary was based on a 55% commission but I was paid an hourly wage. At the end of every business quarter ( March, June, Sept. and Dec ) my sales were totaled and I was given a bonus check in the amount of the difference. It was always really nice to get those big, fat checks in the summertime and around the holidays and working a 10 hour day didn't seem so bad when I knew it was adding to the bottom line.