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  • show Biewer Yorki help!

    I have a client with 4 Biewers and I believe 3 of them are know what that means. MATTED MESSES! She admitted to not knowing a thing about their upkeep and I really don't know how much help her breeder is because she is always asking ME the questions about upkeep. Only having cared for a poodle in show coat, I can only go so far, and even then I was clueless myself. I got sick of the upkeep and took him out of showing.
    I've done the dogs twice now and I've had to do full body de-mats on all of them. Last time ended up being 10 hours of work over 2 days. I'm getting rather tired of it and I know the dogs don't much care for it, though they tolerate it well enough. I use Why Bitch and a combination of Iv St.Bernard de-matting products which I am running out of, but beyond what I use during the grooming process, I have no idea what to tell her. I have absolutely no interest in going to her place 3 times a week to groom and wrap them. I don't know how anyway. At this stage, they're more trouble than they're worth to me but she insists on continuing to use me. I did NOT want to become a show groomer for this very reason.
    I've probably damaged the coats just by de-matting them so much even though I've used conditioners and oils and stuff. Honestly, they are beyond my ability and knowledge, but again, I don't know how useful her breeder is or who else to recommend to her. I'm seeing one tomorrow because he is going to FL soon for a show. She's already told me she spent 2 hours trying to de-mat him so I already know what to expect.

    Anyone have advice on what to tell her to use and do? She really needs to have a show groomer, not me. I know one, but she does terriers.

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    Unfortunately I have no helpful information for you but I feel your pain. I'll be watching this thread to find out any suggestions. I hope there's someone in your area that could possibly take over for you. Anyone in snowy Maryland willing to help a girl out?
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      Charge her by the hour.
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        How does she expect the coat to grow if she lets it get so matted? With drop coat breeds you have to be so careful. You are supposed to do anything you can to avoid breaking the hair. Yorki hair is already so soft and fragile, I'm sure when she has you de-matt it, it breaks a lot of hair off. How old are the pups? Maybe try to find a show groomer in the area that you could refer her to.
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          You may want to try this;

          Maybe you could find a show breeder near you to help.

          Also, what type of shows are these? AKC and UKC state that any large amount of white on yorkies is a disqualification. Aren't Biewer Yorkies kind of spotted with white?


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            Sounds odd. These Yorkies are not allowed to be shown in AKC since the markings are a fault in the breed standard. Show coats are kept in pristine condition so there should be no matting to deal with.

            I don't think this owner knows what she is talking about. Sounds like the breeder sold her pets and blew smoke up her arse about them being "show dogs."

            What venue is she supposed to be showing these dogs in? I am sure there is some club out there holding competitions for them somewhere in this country, but picking up a comb to brush your dog and keep it mat free is one of the most basic things this woman should be doing if she thinks she owns show dogs.

            /end of rant


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              sorry no advice but I think the best advice for her would be to re home 3 and see if she could handle the upkeep on one before she got more! what possesses a person to get 4 dogs and show them when they have no knowledge on how to keep them in show condition? I also have to say I had never heard of these dogs so I Google them and WOW are they beautiful! I don't blame you one bit for not wanting to take these dogs on. A pet dog is a pet dog, only judged by you and the owner, but a show dog has way more at risk if the grooming isn't perfect, sounds way to stressful for me! More power to the groomers here that groom those dogs!


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                To condition them properly the coats would have to be bathed, oiled, wrapped and re-wrapped on a strict routine. If mummy isn't willing to do that, she ain't gona have show dogs, hon. Period, paragraph, end of story.

                She doesn't have AKC show dogs, regardless. AKC don't do spotted Yorkies.


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                  They need to be brushed and combed EVERY DAY and thoroughly by mom at home. I would never demat a dog for 10 hours, oh my gosh! That poor much pain. You can't possibly "show" them with that much coat loss anyways, and since the hair is most likely reeeaaaally damaged at this point it would be better to just shave it and start over. I'm sure mom will freak, but if she is not taking care of them then she needs a clip that will work with what she's willing to pay and keep up. Period. It is not fair to be torturing those guys every time you see them because mom wants them to look pretty.
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                    Biewer Yorki a la Pom Pon is a separate breed from Yorkies and was bred off of a color mutation that can be found in them. They originated in Germany, and that is the only place they are recognized and shown. They are a newer breed that started in 1983.

                    I agree with the others that she really should just rehome these dogs. That or give up showing them because she has to be flying these dogs to Germany to show them, unless an out branch of the Germany Kennel Club is holding shows in the US.
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                      This sounds like it is causing both you,and the dogs more trouble than you want/ Could you refer her to a professional handler in your area? That might get her outta your hair. These people and their "show dogs" that are mattballs drive me nuts. Maybe she is showing them UKC? They allow parti-poodles,so makes sense that might be the venue for the parti-yorkies.
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                        I lived in Maryland many yrs. ago. At the time I owned a rare breed. I remember there was a club that had a very big Rare Breed show somwhere near Baltimore, one of the fairgrounds, I can't remember which one), perhaps this is where she is planning to show these dogs.

                        She definitely doesn't have a clue as to what is required of an owner in maintaining a breed like this. She saw pix of these adorable dogs and got an earful from the breeder, now you are stuck with her! You explained it to us vey clearly as to why this is not a job you can continue doing...tell her the same thing.

                        good luck,


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                          Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
                          To condition them properly the coats would have to be bathed, oiled, wrapped and re-wrapped on a strict routine. If mummy isn't willing to do that, she ain't gona have show dogs, hon. Period, paragraph, end of story.

                          She doesn't have AKC show dogs, regardless. AKC don't do spotted Yorkies.
                          You are correct but rare breed associations do allow them to be shown. I would FLAT OUT refuse to do them ad tell her to find a show person with that breed to metor her that YOU do not know that breed.

                          She does NOT get to decide whether or not you go to her house, YOU DO! LOL Period! If you do not want to do them, then do't do them.
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                            I am sure they can be shown under Rare breeds association or at their own club shows.
                            She needs to look up care for show yorkies and follow it if she is wants to show her guys.

                            Those dogs should not be allowed on carpeted areas of the house, rough house with each other and outside on the mud.
                            She needs to bath and brush and heavily condition their coats at least weekly, if she can not do it herself she needs to bring them to you to do that.
                            Dematting causes coat damage and damaged coat is prone to matting even worse than before.


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                              If she is planning on going to 'rare breed' shows... (that is the only place I can think of where they "might" be considered 'show') then the posts here have given a good amount of info to you already. I began with SCWT, IF (and I do mean IF) they get matted (usually it happens when the dog is co-owned by someone who is not wiling to put in the work) then product is the only answer to saving the coat....
                              Not more than a year or 4 ago, I got a call for a show dog.. a SCWT (a news article run about our salon brought her to me) came in... I had already called my mentor, a top breeded, she asked me right off the bat on the phone.. "is this dogs name "____" " to which I replied... "YUP!"... she came out the day of the appointment, hid behind in the grooming room... dogs (so called) owner comes in.. and my mentor (who is by the way the co-owner of this dog) walks out and the womans face just dropped!... ROFL

                              together, my mentor & I spent 4 hours on the dog. YOU cannot 'de-mat' a show dog! it must be carefully re-wet, stand dried/brushed out.. and you cannot break any coat!!!!

                              Yea I charged her BIG TIME ($250 to be a bit more exact). Imagine.. 2 groomers working on ONE dog for 4 hours! I hate to say it, but it is true, if someone wants a show breed.. you better have a deep pocket to pay for its upkeep if you are not willing to put in the work yourself as an owner.