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  • Where On Here would You Go For The Most Photos Of

    Cute Shih Tzu Trims? I have a client with two good cut girls but they have very long beards and ears. One is blind but very very good, as is the other. When I was at their house today we came here and and scrolled and looked but I didn't find much. Is there a catagory for Shih Tzu trims, I didn't see it. I guess she will have to sign up to view them. I'd love to shorten the ears and beards or even shave the ears, and do shorter beards and still have fluffy bodies like a beige or green Wahl snap on comb. I do cute snap on heads like Pixies' dog I guess. Pixie, How do I access your pics? Toby is a boy, I know, but funny she has a girl Toby. I see them again next month. I'd appreciate any photos you can direct me /them to. I'd like to make it even easier for Taz who is blind.

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    Check on the egroomers photo page. You'll see lots of cute pics there. I have also goggled different breeds for images and found good ones ( and bad) on there.
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      pm me your email address and I'll send you a few photos


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        This thread had some very nice shih tzu trims in it:
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