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What have we learned on this forum?

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  • What have we learned on this forum?

    Just wondering what different things members have learned reading the posts. Especially we seasoned groomers.
    I've learned about wet shaving (that was a big no-no when I first started, no water on the blades!) I don't practice it much but it's cool. I've learned that there are some pretty crazy clients that people have to deal with, a lot more than I ever have (sorry)!I've learned that there's been a lot of misinformation about blade lengths. I've learned that this isn't the only town that charges ridiculous prices for "designer breeds"! I've learned that there are some awesome groomers out there who do beautiful work. I've learned that some of you have kick a** websites, unlike mine!
    So... what have you guys learned?

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    I could write a hundred pages on everything that I have learned from this forum. I was lucky enough to find this place when I first got into the grooming field and the knowledge and friendships have been invaluable! One of the biggest ones I learned was also about wet shaving. I LOVE it and it saves me so much time! I learned that my state has a grooming organization thanks to Chris . And so many more things, especially customer service. Quite frankly, this has been the best educational resource I have in my arsenal and I would not know what do to if we ever lost this place. Thank you so much Stephen and staff for all your hard work and dedication to all of us. We truly appreciate it.
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      I've learned for puppies (especially shih tzu puppies) who are scared of clippers under their eyes to tell the owner to go out and get a disposable kids electric toothbrush and rub it under their eyes when they're relaxed and calm- so they learn if their owners do it, it won't kill them. (theoretically of course. I know there are some dogs who wont let you or their owners touch them)
      also, wet shaving and the magic of the happy hoodie.


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        I too learned about wet shaving, since I was originally taught by an old school groomer and that was a huge no no back then. Also, I've learned a lot about the business side of mobile and how to take care of my van.


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          I learned about the need for "From Problems to Profits" and "The Box". And I also learned about grooming kitties and mikes thingies.


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            Wow I don't know where to begin. I've learned so much here from everyone from wet shaving to the happy hoodie. This site has given me a place to whine about my bad days when my husband just doesn't have time or just brushes it off. I've found a place where the people know what kind of day I've had and don't think any question is to stupid. Everything is answered and even when people disagree there are always cooler heads to step in and calm things down. I've learned that Stephen is the Mighty and Powerful OZ and whom without this site we love would come to a screeching halt.....

            Way to many things to mention the last thing I'll say is how I love this site and all the wonderful people on it.
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