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Why does every Tom, Jane and Sally think they can groom Spot?

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  • Why does every Tom, Jane and Sally think they can groom Spot?

    In the past few months 4 people in my area have hung out a shingle and declared themselves pet groomers. I know for a fact that none of them have any pet groomer training what so ever. One of these people cuts people hair and is doing dogs on the side. One is so horrible I am truely afraid she is going to kill a dog. One of her clients bought their dog to me to "FIX" the mess. Well you can't fix a #10 or maybe 30 shave down on a poodle. The poor dog had scrapes and scratches all over it and bad razor burn on it's face. I have been in this ladies shop. It is horrid, nasty, dark and no proper equipment or tools.

    My question is, how do we inform the general public. I have found that most people think that people have to be quailified to be a groomer. The general public has no idea that they are leaving their pet with someone who has no training. So, how do we inform them that there is a difference in groomers. I live in a rural area and honestly, people just don't know to ask questions before going to a groomer. I guess I am just ranting because I spent a lot of money learning how to properly groom pets and these people with no training are hurting my business and peoples pets as well. It just does not seem right to me.

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    Perhaps, put an ad in the local paper and emphasis your training and years of experience in the area, your dedication to continuing education and your modern, clean facilities. If you have before and after photos, mention those in the ad as well so people will know they can ask the new "groomer" to see her work. Let people know they should ask their groomer a few questions or at least take a quick look around the salon.

    - OR -

    Get one of those banner's advertising you fix bad haircuts! LOL
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      Isn't it Dick, Jane, Sally, Puff, and Spot?

      It would make me mad too. You can call the county and see if they have a registered business license. I hate it when I hear about illegal dog "attempted" groomers. Doesn't seem fair at all. Just promote all the good you offer and don't mention the bad guys, it won't make you look better unfortunately. Be sure to mention professionally trained and certified too if you have a Certified Companion Animal Hygienist certificate. Display it proudly and any photos etc you have. I hate any Tom, Dick Or Harry too that does this.


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        Almost makes you wish there was some sort of licensing. I've seen some bad haircuts around here and heard horrible rumors about the other shops ( i haven't been and don't want to now) we've gotten at least 2 customers that one shop did such a bad job they cried when they go t the dog back, and either they wouldn't fix it or wouldn't let him. And our biggest compliment is, " Oh, my your shop smells so good and is so clean!" Apparently some of the others reek so bad it's hard to stand in the lobby to check in (why would you leave your pet there?) We turn out pretty and if nothing else 'neatly' groomed pets, even if the styles are still kind of wonky to me.


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          You mentioned that you live in a rural area. Do you have a local paper that you could either do a guest column or run an add in the form of a column asking how to choose a good groomer. Usually the small town papers are not expensive to advertise in.



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            Tn is actually in the process of passing a state bill that will require groomers to have had formal grooming school training and require those that are current groomers to take a qualifications test in order to be grandfathered in. This was the result of one groomer who killed several dogs cage drying them.

            As far as those other people hanging out signs. Word will spread quickly. Most likely people tried to go there and save a buck. Little do they realize they are putting their family friend in harms way.

            If you wanted to play nasty you could call to see if they have a business license and if they don't turn them in.

            I hate to bad mouth other people, but you should gracefully warn your other clients.


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              "WE FIX $6 HAIRCUTS!"

              In other words, they will get what they pay for...if they are lucky.


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                It sucks for sure, but your quality should stand on it's own!

                They came, they saw, and then came to you Believe me, they won't go there for long if they are as bad as you say.


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                  Originally posted by celebpet View Post
                  Tn is actually in the process of passing a state bill that ...I hate to bad mouth other people, but you should gracefully warn your other clients.
                  This bill will only hurt good groomers and drive the others underground same as spay, neuter and bsl. People are stunned when they learn that there is no licesing for groomers, but most bills will not work. I would leave it alone, only positive adds or deeds, negative will bite you in the b$#@
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                    Why do they do it? Easy money. No training required. Everyone thinks it's like playing with puppies all day. If you screw up, the dog can't talk. Need I say more?

                    We have a number of fly by night groomers who have hung their signs on telephone poles all over town. None are registered with the county. None have paid for a fictitious name permit. I checked. And no, I don't spend all my time checking out the bona fides of all these new "groomers". I have a business to run.

                    I display my credentials on my web site, detail my experience, and warn the public about such "groomers" without mentioning them by name.

                    They're actually good for business, as I am called to come and fix the hatchet job that the $20 groomer did to Fifi. The pet owner pays twice when they could have retained the services of a trained groomer with years of experience.

                    It's the economy, where everyone is trying to save a buck or make one wherever they can. Being a "groomer" is a lot like being a "breeder" hard could it be? :-(
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                      Let them get bitten

                      Even experienced groomers get bitten. Maybe they will think twice if it happens to them. If they gave poor equipment, they probably don't even have muzzles. A few good bites and they may see it isn't playing with puppies.


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                        I do have on my website information about the fact that groomers are not regulated and how to choose a good groomer. Maybe a local paper would run a press release or story about how to recognize a good groomer and also mention that there is no regulation so more people know to ask what a person's qualifications are. Education is the best defense in my opinion. I've had two people call me asking who they could complain to for poor treatment of their pets by other groomers. When I told them we aren't licensed they were shocked.
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                          I believe all states have some sort of humane animal handling laws. If animals are being injured, one could encourage their owners to make animal cruelty complaints. One could also make health and safety concerns know to the local health department. You might even have redress through the USDA. Of course, this is all supposing that you can actually get local officials to actually enforce the laws already in existance.

                          You can also rest assured that people will vote with their feet. Once word gets around, they'll see their clientel dwindle to the point that they can't sustain the business.


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                            Originally posted by Helly View Post
                            You can also rest assured that people will vote with their feet. Once word gets around, they'll see their clientel dwindle to the point that they can't sustain the business.
                            I can only hope. I don't wish anyone bad, and I understand wanting to make a living, but I have invested many 1000's of dollars in my schooling and equipment to make sure that pets have the best and are treated the best, so when I see a dog scatched up and razor burnt I get quite angry. Even on the worst matted nasty shave down I have ever done I did not leave scratches and scraps and razor burns like that poor thing had.


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                              I would watch what you say, focus on the positive things you offer and avoid bad mouthing any other shop in the long run it will come back to haunt you. Pet owners are undereducated when it comes to our profession, many times I've had clients who are retiring ask about learning to groom because they love dogs.
                              Yes any Tom Dick or Sally and claim to be a groomer but only for a short time they will run themselves out of business either with the bad haircuts or heaven forbid a lawsuit over an injured pet.
                              I didn't go to a grooming school I was trained by my MIL but continue my education on here and with seminars, dvds, and such. In a perfect world only educated groomers would open up shops but as we all know this world is far from prefect. Hairdressers are licensed and as I'm sure we have all found out the hard way there are plenty of bad hairdressers out there.

                              Keep your head up and do your best work and help educate pet owners in your area on how they should pick a groomer, leave the bad press for the other groomers in town to their clients because as we know dog owners are a vocal crowd who protect their babies when they feel threatened.
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