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Debut of Jodi Murphy Grooming Apparel & New DVDs

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  • Debut of Jodi Murphy Grooming Apparel & New DVDs

    Jodi Murphy will debut a portion of her new grooming apparel line this weekend (Feb 2010) at Groom & Kennel Expo in Pasadena, CA.

    Be sure to stop by her booth!

    She will also have 4 new DVD releases:

    "Fragile: Handle With Care"
    "The Havanese"
    "Tools of the Trade"
    "Secrets of the Contest Ring"

    Jodi will be offering great show specials and a special invitation to members to stop by the booth for a free mouse pad!
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    I am

    hopeful for the clothes especially. Soon to see.
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      I'll be there too. Can't wait to check it out.


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        Oh I've been looking for something flattering for us girls to wear FOREVER...most smocks are so shapeless! I really hope her stuff is cute.
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          I won't be there!!! I am dying to see them (clothes and DVDs)!!! Any word when they will be up to see over the internet?
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            Hope Jodi has all the same things at Intergroom. Can't wait!


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              I simply can't wait to see the clothes!!! She said there are some capris!!! I LOVE capris!!

              I am getting the Secrets of the Contest Ring DVD asap. It is based off of her seminar she's given in the past. Can't wait!

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                I have pics on my phone but forgot the cable to upload to the computer--- they are adorable and flattering (even for us chickies that have extra padding in the hips and extra fat around the girls :-)

                I can text the to someone if they want to upload.


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                  I have uploaded them to their own thread
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