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Advice on Talking To coworkers??

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  • Advice on Talking To coworkers??

    There are only two groomers where i work (one being myself). I have a electric table and a lot of other equipment..The other groomer only has basic supplies, and some she can't use because it's broken. She keeps using my equipment, the other day I came in and my scissors and blades were all over my shelf where i keep my equipment and not in the right places. She had all of her stuff laying around there because she was using my table...
    It use to not be this bad but every time she works my stuff is just not in the right places!
    I'm worried she is using my scissors/blades/thinning shears (i don't think she owns thinning shears), I don't mind her using my table for the large dogs...
    When we both work on the same day she will come over and grab something and make a excuse about having to use something, and whenever i mention her getting that piece of equipment she makes a excuse about why she has not bought it yet..
    but what would be a nice way of bringing this up? I'm worried about sounding very rude..

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    Get a tool box on wheels, lock your stuff up & take it home every night. That is the ONLY way to keep others out of it.
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      This happened to me. I buy REALLY good and expensive equipment, and don't mind sharing, but everyone needs to ask and receive permission before touching ANYTHING that's not theirs! That's just manners! Your co worker isn't buying new stuff or fixing her equip because she's now destroying yours. My breaking point came when a brand new $150 pair of 10" straights were dropped and accidentally kicked to the point of absolute destruction.

      I got a toolbox, combination lock, and a sign that says, "Ask if you need to borrow anything, but if you need to ask twice, get your own!"

      You probably don't need the sign but locking your equip should send the message just fine.
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        Start taking your stuff home at night when it isnt there shell HAVE to get her own.


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          Everyone is right! I provide all new hires with a locking tool chest and they are free to get their own locks or use the combo locks provided. I had to fire a sticky fingered person about 12 years ago over this very thing and that is when I decided to just give everyone a locking toolbox. It saves a lot of hurt feelings and headaches for everyone to know that they have their stuff locked up every night. And if they don't lock it and something goes missing? It is in the employee handbook that you are required to lock your personal tools up at night & days off and the management and ownership take no responsibility if you do not. We have a cleaning service that comes in several times a week, too, and they require that things be as secure as possible. It is just a good idea because it saves headaches all the way around.


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            I have been thru this same situation many yrs. ago when I worked at a vet's. My things were "borrowed" by anyone who was working there.

            If a dog was in the treatment area foranything, and they decided to trim his nails...they come into my tools and look for mine. Now I didn't mind it too much except the tools that were borrowed were not returned. They just put them down where ever they wanted. (this happened on my days off mostly).

            I've also worked at a shop where my tools were in better shape and better quality than anyone elses. I had things missing after a time if I left for the day before others did.

            Bottom line...get a locking tool box! Why worry about your investments all of the time?



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              Well,its fine to take your stuff home at night or lock it up,but what about the days your working together? Im going through that also,and its getting real old.
              My friend uses all my snap ons,and drops them,my bandanas,ribbon,etc....
              i tell her nicely,that she can go out and buy whatever ribbon,etc,she wants,but it kind of passes by her. I have bought all the equipment in the shop,from the dryers,force dryer,which she complains about!
              I guess we both have to get tougher,but it is hard! You just wish people had more thought,and respect!


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                I had to worry about that at my past salon. I work 2 days a week, and realized that my blades were having to be sharpened after only a month! Then I started to notice that my shears were bending the hair I was trying to cut. I figured out it was because the other groomer, the full time girl, also left handed, was using them as her every day shears when I wasn't there. So I started packing up my stuff and taking it home with me. After a few weeks she ended up having to buy her own stuff (she had horrible equipment, which was why she was always using mine). So I agree with tveryone else, lock up your equipment!


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                  Take them home when you are not there. And when you are there, grow a backbone. I seriously don't get why people let themselves get used. Just say NO! If you see them sneaking around behind your back, raise a stink. Its as easy as that.
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                    It seems your co workers have no respect for you or your equipment. Time to put your foot down and state..."Since you are using my supplies and equipment I will have a bill at the end of the day for you." And for sure you should have a bill ready for her. Payment due at end of day. Some people just do not understand the cost of things until they get hit with the cost of using others stuff. As long as you let her use it she will continue to do so.

                    Until bill is paid in full she should be told no touching of equipment. I would have no problem taking my equipment out of others hands . If they do not have the proper equipment to complete the groom ...well then you would get that finish groom also.

                    Just my opinion



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                      For when you're together...

                      I had this happen, and when we started our shift together one morning, I just flat out said "You're no longer using any of my stuff. I don't care if you have excuses for not getting your own stuff, but it's not going to happen anymore. If you take my stuff without permission, I'm going to consider it theft."

                      When she tried to defend herself, I just said "I've heard all your excuses, and I won't accept them any longer. You need to get your own stuff." It was probably one of the most awkward days of my life, because the whole day she complained about how the coat wasn't coming in as nice or mats weren't getting brushed out as easy now, and I would just shrug and say "I can't help you. I'm sorry." She bought about $500 worth of stuff over the weekend, and though she said I was a jerk to other co-workers, it was never a problem after that.

                      As far as locking stuff up, I would still take stuff home even if it was locked up. I think anything that's in a small locked up compartment can just be picked up and carried home if someone was determined enough. Just my opinion.


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                        I take everything home with me at night. The tool box stays in my car in my garage; the shears, clippers and blades come into the house for cleaning.

                        I do that mostly because you never know when there might be a break-in. Thieves will take anything they think can be peddled for drug money.

                        We do not share equipment. If the odd dog comes in and you don't have the equipment to do the dog, the dog goes to the groomer that does have the proper equipment available.

                        As per borrowing equipment, don't even ask. It doesn't happen. And everyone is very good about keeping their fingers to themselves. We all well equipped and have back-ups, so it is unnecessary for anyone's fingers to get "sticky".


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                          What I did in cases like this was use the locking tool box as a place to put the tools when they were not in use by ME.They would have to go around me to get to it and it was closed except for what I was using on the dog on my table.

                          If the table is YOURS then STOP HER! I do not understand people who do not buy the equipment.

                          Be firm, these tools are YOURS and you NEED THEM, and if that doesn't work, then go to the manager or owner and tell them that you need it to stop.

                          I wll never forget the day I reached for my fave comb and it was gone. I announced very loudly and firmly that if it was not back on my table in 5 minutes I was quitting.

                          It was there when I returned from the store and locked up my stuff from that point on.
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                            I think I have to agree with everyone else about the lock up box. And while you are working,you may have to just say no to the requests to constanly use your stuff. Maybe have a heart to heart,and tell her how you feel,or show her this thread. Even my own daughter knew better than to touch my good scissors, and we had clear boundaries of what was to be "shared". I do not like anyone to use my scissors,good brushes,etc. You could just explain how much hard work it took to earn those things,and maybe that you like to keep it clean,disinfected whatever.
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                              I feel your pain, I worked with a lady at a shop and we are friends but in the 6 years we've know it each other she just doesn't spend any money to update or upkeep her equipment.
                              When she first came to work in the shop I managed ( just the 2 of us) I used the 5/8 blade for longer cuts and when she came in she didn't have one so I would let her borrow mine and every time she would say I'll be getting on of these. Well fast forward to today she grooms out of my shop as an IC mostly because she only wants to do her old clients and she still wants to use my equipment. I don't understand this I invest in my continuing education and high dollar stuff. Hard for me to get why not everyone else would do this. I offered to pay her way to PetQuest this past year and she didn't want to go. Just lock up your stuff and hope she gets the hint.
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