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Puppy has diarrhea - kind of long...

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  • Puppy has diarrhea - kind of long...

    I am a home based groomer on a military base in Okinawa, Japan. I get lots of appointment requests by email. I got an email the other day from a lady wanting to get her Maltese in for grooming. Went on and on about the seroius need for grooming, etc. I get that a lot around here becasue people don't want to take their dogs to the Japanese groomers because of the language barrier.
    I scheduled her for a groom today. I get an email messsage and several voice mails from last night that there is a problem with her dog. I don't answer the business phone at night because I like to pretend that I have a life. Anyway, she goes on and on about how the puppy came from a puppy shop out in town...Read that puppy mill store front... and it now has severe diarrhea. She took it to the puppy shop and they took the puppy and called the "breader" who took the puppy to the vet. Long story short, she can't get the puppy back until after noon today. She still wants to have the puppy groomed as all the poop is getting stuck in the fur and she has to keep cleaning him up.
    So, here's my problem. I have a feeling that this puppy has something seriously wrong with it. I am sure that it has had no vaccinations to date. I tried to call the lady back to discuss but got voice mail. I sent her an email and told her that the soonest I could groom the puppy would be next week and that I would like for the puppy to have had it's vaccinations before then. Also told her that I do not want a sick puppy around where other dogs frequent. I do disenfect my grooming area. But, I just don't want to have to risk passing on what ever this puppy has to my other clients.

    When we were stationed here in Japan from 2000 - 2004 I didn't have that many puppy clients and I didn't worry much about vaccines because of the military regulations requiring vaccines, etc... This time around it seems like everyone has a puppy or just got a puppy. I am thinking of starting to not take them if they have not had all the puppy vaccinations. What would you do? Oh, and for the record all of my clients are American's connected with the military either military members or family members.

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    Personally ,if it were me I would not take puppies under four months they can have their shots done by then.I wouldnt rely on them having immunities from their mother at this point.


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      I don't take pups until they have the core vacs, after that I don't care if they never get vaced again. But no pup comes in until the vacs are given, and I sure would'nt take a pup with out knowing what caused the diahrea and that it was over whatever it was. You need to cover your own a$$ , I mean that in every sense, air born viruses can get in the duct work and cost $$$$$ to remediate.
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        Not only the proper vacs but don't ever groom a known sick dog ever. The dog needs a vet not a groomer.
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          Still have not heard back from the owner

          I still have not heard back from the owner of this puppy. I'm sure my email spelled it all out for her. I basically told her that for the safety of the other dogs that come to me for grooming I can't groom her dog when it's sick. Also stated that she needs to have the vaccinations before she comes to me. I have a feeling that this puppy's illness is serious. I have heard more than one parvo story about this place. So sad because people get here and they are lonely and decide to get a dog. They go out and see these cute puppies and fall in love. Then, they shell out thousands of dollars and get a puppy that is very ill.