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    I groom part time at my home,( still looking for a mobile) that's another story, I have a friend who brings her cocker for me to groom she is a two year old beautiful girl. This is the second time she called me after appointment time to let me know she couldn't come. Now This isn't my full time job YET, but I could have groomed the cocker that I am to do tommorrow, instead. She lives 3 doors down from me. It is to be nasty weather tommorrow, so I am sure they would have walked her down tonight. What do I tell my other client,(friend) She can't just not show. I called her Sunday to reminder of the appointment. She scheduales every 4 weeks. maybe we should do every 5 weeks?? Just wanted to vent

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    I feel your pain. I think that some people have the idea that you are just doing this out of your home so it will not matter if they are late, constantly cancel and reschedule, etc. Also hate to hear that it's your friend who is taking advantage of you.


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      If it were a close friend- I wouldnt have any problems telling her she messed up but If we werent that close I dont think Id be able to grooom her dog know....because Im sooo busy.


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        Grow a back bone before this becomes your full time job! calls after appointment time after a reminder call says " I do not value your time" It also says she does not take you seriously, very rude, and very unfriend like! After all " all you do is play with puppys for fun " , Alot of people got started part time from home to make ends meet, and they are just as important as a full timer. jmo
        ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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          I would explain that this is your time and money and you could have had another dog take her place today and perhaps book someone in tomorrows spot. If she is a friend she will understand. Friends or not I charge 5 dollars for a missed apt if you cancel within 24hrs it has stopped most of my last min people and one of them was my best friends mother she now is always there for her poms apointment.


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            This is one reason I have a hard time doing biusiness with "friends."

            I'd be honest with her, tell her you do have other folks waiting to get in to see you and she is making it hard for you to schedule all of them. I truly think that because you work at home (and ONLY part time), they consider it it not a "real job" and therefore not too important. Unless we clarify this to them they won't have a reason to think otherwise. Did you say she had done this once before? If so, you MUST tell her she needs to call you at least one day ahead to cancel, NOT after the appt. time.

            Last week, I had a dog scheduled for my 1st appt. When it was 15 min. past the appt. time I called to see if anything had happened,
            she answered, "OH, I thought it might be you!"
            me, "Are you coming, I had Fluffy scheduled at 8:30."
            her, "Well, I have a busy day scheduled today and I was getting things ready."
            me, "Well, I also have a busy day scheduled, I need for everyone to be on time or it throws my entire day off. You know I give everyone individual attention so my time is tightly planned." (I was mad and not backing down!)
            her, "Well, I guess I'll just have to bring him in my pajamas."
            me, " I guess so."

            About 15 minutes later she arrived, her make-up was perfect and she still was wearing her jammies!

            good luck and be strong,


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              Thanks for all your help. She is not a good friend and did rebook she likes to come on tuesdays but I told her i had another appointment next Tuesday, which I do, and she would have to come on Wednesday. I will tell her I am getting very busy and she will have to give a 24 hour notice.


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                My clients book a week in advance, 2 weeks if they must have a particular day or time. I'm new and not very busy but I tell them that I am working a part time job around my grooming schedule and need to know a week ahead what days I am grooming.


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                  I like to just let it "drop" in conversation that it upsets my days when folks I know on more than a "client" level, treat my occupation as my "hobby" rather than giving me the respect and consideration they would give another professional.

                  Yes, I work from home, yes, I love my "job", but my days ARE structured and it is a balancing act that doesn't benefit from being treated casually by some folks.

                  A neighbor very much "got the hint" last Summer when the topic came up, and has really changed her approach since then, which has been greatly appreciated by me.
                  Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.