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    Is part of us right? I am looking to figure out what I have done wrong. I signed up for findagroomer with my new business about 3 weeks ago. It accepted all my information, but it never listed me. I never got email saying it was rejected either.

    Any thoughts?

    Stephen: As it says during the signup if you don't see your listing after a week it means that "internet security" blocked your "form." It only happens to about 2% of all signups. Some service providers actually block the completion of some types of forms and you don't get a notice, and we never get anything. Your options as it states are to fill out the form again, print and mail instead, or you can call 800-556-5131 and we will take the info over the phone or set a time to do that with you.

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    thanks Stephen.. I dont really understand why it was blocked.. would using a different browser help? if not I guess Ill give a call.

    Stephen: It is usually ISP protection, not your browser but can be settings in a browser or firewall. Pretty rare, but happens and it is out of our control. In the future you can manage your account without a problem most of the time.