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  • Seriously????

    I had part of my parking lot fixed with asphalt at the turn off from the street. Over $1000 in repairs, but the owner of the building agreed to pay a good chunk of it. I am cool with that actually, as it fixed the problem permanently and myself and my clients can now get in off the road easier and more safely.
    Or so I thought.
    Well, yesterday, a crew showed up with a load of gravel to finish the rest of the area. Most of it is sand, not gravel, but I digress, and it was done at no cost to me. HOWEVER they destroyed parts of the ashpalt! Absolutely CRUMBLED IT. Cracked it in other places. Huge chunks broken out and causing a huge mess for parking. NOW WHAT? I mean, the concrete company brought in a LARGE BobCat, not a small one and that is what did the damage.

    It is bad enough that I have sand, not gravel, filling my parking area and its supposed to rain all day, but now I have a NEW parking lot that looks as bad as it did when we started. Only NOW we have clients dodging chunks of asphalt......

    I really don't know whether to laugh or cry at this point. I am opting for crying. I will be on the phone with the building owner and the asphalt company shortly....just another day in paradise right????
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    Oh my gosh, that is so irritating! Unbelievable!


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      Sounds like the road bed under the asphalt was insufficiently packed, or the asphalt was too thin. Most Bobcat skip loaders I have seen have hard rubber tires, not metal tracks. Breaking up asphalt like that should not have happened.
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        Kat, this one had was a BIG ONE not the small one that would have made more one will return a phone call.
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          my husband does testing for concrete and asphalt and said that If the parking lot wasn't made to handle that kind of weight that's exactly what will happen. The company you dealt with should know that. Asphalt isn't the strongest surface and won't stand up to heavy machinery. This is why a lot of commercial parking lots have signs posted prohibiting tractor trailers and such from entering. I would contact the company that did the work and who ever did the damage their insurance should cover the repair. Good luck I know how upsetting something like this can be
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            1k for a patch? Now I know why my neighbor who owns a concrete business, and works part time, lives in a 5,000 sq ft custom brick home with a 1/4 mile long concrete drive. He is younger than me and I am 34.

            My husband has 2 masters degrees in a very tough field and jokes that he should of started a concrete business and skipped 6 years of college

            I agree that it sounds like they laid it wrong; maybe too thin. If it is broken up already, you may as well expect to have nothing but dust left a year from now.

            Time to take photos and make some phone calls. Good luck!


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              It wasn't really a patch. They graded it and put in a strip 10' by 20' and another strip about the same going lengthwise (they were NOT supposed to do that and I refused to pay for it). They were supposed to put a strip 10'x40', making a parking area at the dry part of the parking lot. It was a gravel parking lot that is now asphalt in the important places and gravel aggraget (SP) as the guy called it, everywhere else. No one from either company will answer the phone. BTW it was WAY more than $1000. Asphalt here goes for $3 a square foot two inches deep.
              <a href="" target="_blank">My Blog</a> The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. –Mark Twain


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                Take lots of pics, hope you got pics of the new surface, and hound them, have a lawyer write a lettter if all else fails. Sorry sometimes people are IDIOTS!
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                  lawyer time

                  You might first want to send them a certified letter stating that you have a matter about the work done that needs to be addressed by such and such a date. If not contacted by that time I will be forced to contact my lawyer on the matter. I would like to reach an agreement with you without having to go that far but will if no attempt is made on your part.

                  Only give them a couple of days after they receive the letter, then go to your lawyer. This is then a legal matter to be decided by the law. Take lots of pictures, save all the documents and descriptions you have. Of course take them to the lawyer if he will not come out to you at first meeting.

                  I am very sorry this happened, I know your parking situation has been a problem for a very long time. And you thought that it was finally going to be fixed. How depressing. Again, I'm really sorry.

                  Don't delay on this matter, time is your enemy. Best wishes, Janice


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                    Performance bond

                    I worked in the heavy equipment rental business and worked closely with Project and Construction managers for several years. Most construction people are bonded and they guarantee their work. I would call and talk to them about the damage. Maybe ask some questions about a performance bond. Most contractors will come and fix the problem to avoid a claim on their bond. A skid steer with wheels should not have caused that kind of damage. If they were using one with tracks....well that's just plain stupid! Good Luck to you!