Friday I'm off to Pasadena to meet my daughter whose driving down from San Fran with her portie Boba. We're staying in Santa Monica with friends. On Saturday we'll be at Groom Expo where Jodi Murphy is grooming him in a seminar. How fun is that? Then we drive back to San Fran to spend time with her and her fiance. I'll have the book with me if anyone is interested. I'm pretty sure Kristen will have it too at the Laube booth.

I've decided I'm going to take off some extra time to get me through the winter here in NJ. I'm just too old and crabby to put up with the cold and snow. It's the pits!

There's lots of excitement here in the wet noze family. As I said we're having a wedding June 12th. On June 15th I'll be married thirty years. My son is graduating my high school, my daughter from college and my oldest from grad school plus the wedding. It's mind boggling. lol

I'll post pics from the show and I'll have the laptop with me.