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  • Working on my website

    Could you guys look it over and see if anything is not working ect? Im hoping to get more pictures and pages over the next week or two. If anyone has any links to articles I can publish for dematting , fleas, and stuff like that please let me know!


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    handscissoring of poodles

    needs a space there .....also "Links" doesn't work...other then that good job


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      You may want to rethink your first page with your "bark" logo behind the template. It look as though these are words you want the vistor to see but are not showing due to zoom level. Also, you might want to change the font. everytime the word 'client' shows, it looks like 'dient.' JMO.


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        Overall I think it looks pretty good. One thing I noticed is that you did not write how much the furminator costs, also, how about dematting rates, and starting that those prices are ONLY estimates.
        Also, on the opening page where you describe what you offer, it is wordy and confusing to me. This part: We offer simple pet trims, handscissoring of poodles, bichons and mixes and hand stripping of terriers.
        there is a lot of and and ands. How about we offer all different styles, from smoothies, to speciality cuts, as well as handstripping.


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          Site looks good to me outher than the issues stated above. As for articles, you can check out my blog . Anything you like you can republish with credit and a link to the original source.
          My Blog: <a href="">In the Dogs' House Groomwise Blog</a>


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            I don't know if you remember me, but we went to Tara Lara at the same time! Love your web site!


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              Your prices on the bathing packages : Under the Services Tab

              Are a little confusing, example:

              I have a 50lb dog, a 75lb dog and a 100lb dog that I would like to have bath package for. What price catagory are these dogs going to fall under?

              I think you need to either take 1 pound away in each catagory. or add 1 pound to the existing poundage. Instead of:
              Bath Packages are $** to $** for dogs under 25 pounds. or under 24lbs

              $** to $** for dogs 25 to 50 pounds. or (should read) 26 to 50 pounds

              $** to $** for dogs 50 to 75 pounds. or (should read) 51 to 75 pounds

              $** to $** for dogs 75 to 100 pounds.or (should read) 76 to 100 pounds

              $** to $** for dogs 100 to 125 pounds. or (should read) 101 to 125 pounds

              $60 to $70 for dogs over 125 pounds

              The way you have it is giving 2 prices for the same weight.